Oliver Coolidge

The Life of Oliver Coolidge

Coolidge was known for his exceptional heroism. While other presidents may exhibit more charisma, Coolidge epitomized Vermonters’ hardiness and respect for written law.

He valued what we now refer to as natural law, and when the federal government began swinging wildly out of control, he held out his hand firmly to bring order and steadiness back into government operations.

Professional Career

Coolidge’s political career encompassed various experiences and positions. He almost did not leave his village homestead, nearly did not finish college studies, nearly lost his spot as state senator, and almost failed in Washington when he finally arrived there.

He was able to overcome these trials through rigorous discipline in his work. He studied written law while respecting spiritual and natural laws as well. Additionally, he met regularly with budget advisers and worked diligently.

Oliver Coolidge left behind diaries, speeches, letters, personal and financial documents as well as material from his time in office including legislative records, campaign ephemera and literature. Additionally, this collection contains photographs taken of Oliver by Olive Dame Coolidge Butman (1920-2008). For more information regarding this material please consult ABIGAIL Catalogue.

Achievement and Honors

Coolidge was a believer in traditional moral and economic ideals: property rights, contracts, civility towards opponents, thriftiness, reduced government expenditures, restraint of government activity and respect for religion. He developed policies which turned national debt crises into opportunities.

He guided America away from war by insisting on an international treaty to prevent another global conflict, while prioritizing domestic growth by cutting federal spending and taxes.

He made significant advances to X-ray science through the invention of a new type of X-ray tube that made its use both practical and economical. As a result, he was honored with memberships in both American Roentgen Ray Society and Nordisk Forening for Medicinisk Radiologi as an honorary member; holding 83 patents; serving on Tufts University Trust Board and having one son together: Bradford Coolidge.

Personal Life

Coolidge’s personal papers contain an abundance of information about his family, community and schooling experiences. His diaries and correspondence series capture many details regarding interactions with family, friends and associates.

From an early age, Coolidge faced financial strain. He lost money in the railroad business, struggled to maintain his home and farm, and experienced setbacks as he attempted to rise through state politics.

As president, Coolidge placed his emphasis on domestic economic growth. His administration was inward-looking; he declined membership of the League of Nations but still increased unofficial American involvement in international affairs. Coolidge inspired many Americans with his ideals of property rights, contracts, civility towards opponents, silence, smaller government, trust and property rights; his story serves as an inspiring lesson of perseverance that we may follow his lead.

Net Worth

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He believed reducing taxes for the wealthy would spur new business formation and expansion, much as had happened under President Harding. Unfortunately, however, his administration was more inward-looking; instead of increasing participation in international organizations like the League of Nations or providing relief to farmers as desired by others – something Coolidge did veto legislation for. Under Coolidge’s presidency agriculture suffered greatly as it lost ground.

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