Oliver Jointers

Oliver Jointers Are Built For Heavy Duty Jobs

Mike Korsak boasts an exceptionally well-appointed woodworking shop. A highlight is an Oliver jointer designed specifically for heavy duty applications; featuring an oversized cast iron frame and parallelogram design with a helical cutter head equipped with 4-sided carbide inserts, it boasts some serious muscle.

Oliver Machinery was established in 1890, and quickly gained recognition for its American ingenuity. Oliver produced bread-slicers during the Great Depression, as well as providing the saw used to cut ceramic tiles for space shuttle missions.

Early Life and Education

Birth to age 8 is one of the most significant windows for brain development. Children’s experiences and environments during this time can have lasting physical, social and emotional consequences on their learning, behavior and health.

J.D. Oliver and his wife Anna lived at Copshaholm with four of their children and were wealthy enough to host elaborate parties and enjoy extended foreign cruises. James II inherited his father’s financial expertise while remaining staunchly Republican.

Even as business faltered during the Great Depression, Oliver continued to innovate new products and improve existing ones. Its wood trimmers reduced labor from 15 minutes to mere seconds while their round cutterhead was safer than square ones. Oliver’s best seller was their Straitoplane combination planer/joiner.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver was an unwavering champion for his firm’s clients and their best interests, taking time during his lunch breaks to visit and remain in contact with them regularly. Additionally, he took his legal responsibilities very seriously and did whatever necessary to ensure its success.

Oliver’s company has produced thousands of woodworking machines over its history, including bread-slicers during the Great Depression; saws for cutting aluminum, brass and copper during World War II; packaging and printing machinery during the 1950s and 1960s; packaging machines today. Now focused on manufacturing heavy-duty, industrial grade jointers, planers and shapers

In 1996, Oliver provided an outstanding gift to the systemwide Senate in his name, creating the Oliver Johnson Award – presented biennially to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional character, talent and ability while serving the Senate.

Personal Life

Oliver’s interests weren’t limited to business alone. He published books on meteorology, was an anti-phrenologist, wrote an edition of Euclid’s Elements with illustrated graphic explanations for each geometric principle and collected an extensive assortment of mathematical tools such as his own gauges for use by himself and contributed an inscribed portrait of himself at the U.S. Library of Congress.

His children were brought up sheltered from poverty. Anna Gertrude and Joseph, Jr. both excelled academically and displayed noble traits, while Susan Catherine stood out from family tradition by never marrying and joining the Red Cross during World War I. Additionally she pursued various intellectual and athletic pursuits such as golf. Furthermore she supported arts events.

Net Worth

Oliver made its name producing woodworking machinery that stood the test of time. Over decades, they adapted to changing economic circumstances by manufacturing bread slicers during the Great Depression; saws for cutting aluminum, brass, copper, steel and titanium during World War II; packaging and printing machinery during the 1950’s and 60’s; jointers featuring large solid cast iron bases for stability combined with smooth precision movement made their jointers popular among vocational shops – one such jointer is this used Oliver 4275 12″ parallelogram jointer featuring German-made helical cutter heads as well as 4-sided index carbidiium inserts for accurate cuts – another popular design element is their jointers featuring large solid cast iron bases with flared steel tables for smooth precision movement making their jointers ideal for vocational shops – an attractive design which makes this particular used Oliver 4275 12″ parallelogram jointer comes complete with German-made helical cutter heads, as well as four-sided index carbide inserts for accurate cuts!

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