Oliver Panozo

Oliver Panozo on Probation and Enrollment in Veterans Court

Oliver Panozo was found guilty of numerous domestic violence offenses and requested probation and enrollment in Veterans Court at sentencing, however the court denied these requests imposed a three year middle prison sentence instead.

Panozo mentioned his service-related PTSD in his presentence report and shared how treatment had helped him overcome sleeplessness that lead to alcohol abuse. Additionally, he participated in Vista Detention Facility’s Veterans Moving Forward program.

Personal Life

As soon as a jury found Panozo guilty of multiple crimes related to two incidents involving his former girlfriend, defense counsel requested the court exercise its discretion and place him on probation and allow him to enroll in Veterans Court. A memorandum submitted by counsel noted Panozo had experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic sleep disturbance and suffered the loss of a friend through suicide during his deployment; combined with alcohol use disorder this caused criminal behavior which ultimately lead to imprisonment.

The Memorandum further noted Panozo’s strong family support and his willingness to comply with reasonable terms of probation, along with social factors indicating his ability to reintegrate back into society after release from prison. Unfortunately, however, the court denied probation and instead imposed a six-year sentence on count 2. This was clearly incorrect.

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