Omarion’s Parents

Grammy-nominated R&B singer has found great joy in fatherhood despite a busy schedule; two children named A’mei and Megaa call him their father. Fatherhood remains an integral component of his life.

Leslie Grandberry and Trent Grandberry have long been seen as being very supportive of her son, while his family reside in California. Both siblings work within the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Education

Omarion is an American R&B singer-dancer-actor. Beginning his career in the early 2000s with B2K as a member, he later released several solo albums and had successful acting roles.

He’s an avid fitness enthusiast who hits the gym three to five times each week and maintains an active social media presence.

Omarion shares two children with his former flame Apryl Jones; their relationship was chronicled on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Omarion previously spoke out about his difficult relationship with his father on The Masked Singer; since then however they have managed to develop a stronger bond. Additionally he is brother of Ukil Grandberry, an accomplished rapper and actor.

Professional Career

Omarion has left an indelible mark on American culture with his roles in You Got Served and appearances on celebrity reality shows such as America’s Best Dance Crew and VH1’s Love & Hip Hop franchises. Additionally, he has released multiple mixtapes, EPs, and collaborative albums throughout his career.

Omarion has also found success outside of music through acting. He has made appearances in movies like Fat Albert and You Got Served as well as commercials; in addition, his strong passion for philanthropy leads him to participate in charitable initiatives frequently. Omarion shares two children – one son and one daughter with former partner Apryl Jones whom he dated from 2013-2016; they currently reside together and remain close.

Achievement and Honors

Omarion quickly made an impressionful transition after B2K disbanded in 2004. His debut album O, released in 2005 and debuting at #1 on Billboard 200 chart also received a nomination at 48th Annual Grammy awards ceremony.

He has made appearances in films like You Got Served, Fat Albert and Somebody Help Me. Additionally, Omarion hosted his own radio program entitled Omarion’s On The Sidelines.

Omarion is the proud parent of two children: a son and daughter. He enjoys an excellent relationship with both of their mothers, recording songs about them both. Megaa Omari is his firstborn, while A’mei Kazuko was his second. Previously he dated actress Apryl Jones whose romance was featured on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Personal Life

Although he has achieved success in music, he has not had as much luck when it comes to love life. Although he briefly dated Apryl Jones (an R&B singer and actor), they did not last. Their appearance together on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood led many fans to assume they were married.

However, they eventually parted ways and currently co-parent their two daughters A’mei and Megaa. Jones recently made public that Omarion is refusing to allow her serve him with divorce papers.

Trent Grandberry, Omarion’s father, leads an isolated life. He has a strong interest in ending mental slavery; as an entrepreneur and philanthropist he works tirelessly towards this end.

Net Worth

Omari Ishmael Grandberry has quickly made his mark in the music industry as an R&B singer, actor, and dancer. He first gained notoriety as part of B2K along with Raz-B, J-Boog, and Lil Fizz.

Omarion released his debut solo album O in 2005 and it quickly topped both Billboard 200 and R&B/Hip-Hop albums charts. Additionally, Omar acted in several films such as You Got Served, Fat Albert and Somebody Help Me.

Omarion has amassed an estimated net worth of $6 Million through his successful music career and investments. Additionally, he owns multiple exotic cars and often travels on luxury flights; most recently competing in season five of The Masked Singer and finishing fourth place overall.

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