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Why Olives Are Good For You

Olives offer a host of healthful benefits thanks to their rich concentration of polyphenols and are considered one of the top anti-inflammatory foods, making them an easy addition to your diet.

Organic olives are grown without pesticides, chemicals and synthetic fertilizers – instead using animals for weed control instead of chemical herbicides – creating an approach which is both more sustainable for the environment and honors nature.

Early Life and Education

Olives have long been an integral part of Mediterranean diet. Rich in phenolics and tocopherols that offer anti-inflammatory, antiatherogenic, and hypocholesterolemic benefits.

Olives are an excellent source of protein and contain vitamins A, E and K; these antioxidants can also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Olives can be enjoyed raw, fried or in salads.

Indian Valley Organic Farm and Garden at College of Marin’s Novato Campus hosts an annual olive oil sale, featuring 70 different types of olive trees from different varieties. Students typically participate in harvesting, but this year due to COVID-19 pandemic they opted instead for coursework instead of harvesting; seven students from their Organic Farming course however are helping Campbell harvest his olives.

Professional Career

Organic olive cultivation involves specific processes that are both eco- and people-friendly, adhering to stringent regulatory measures to guarantee there will be no use of chemical plant protection products or synthetic fertilizers in their cultivation process.

As part of their efforts to maintain soil health, they grow legumes such as vetch, alfalfa, reptile clover and lupine – plants rich in nitrogen – that enrich the ground with nitrogen. Furthermore, crop rotation practices help prevent diseases.

If an organic olive grove is located nearby conventional crops, its owner must inform and keep in contact with neighbors in order to reduce contamination risks from wind. Pruning trees helps maximize fruit production while preventative treatments help control diseases like rust and olive fruit fly.

Achievement and Honors

Esporao was already well known for producing award-winning wines when they decided to diversify by expanding into olive oil production in 2007. After starting with a small grove in 2007, their olive grove has since expanded into an expansive 93 hectare estate – “a new chapter in our company history that continues to pass down values such as hard work and responsibility from generation to generation”, Carrilho noted.

Family is keenly aware of regulations surrounding olive oil labeling laws, so they send their employees to complete sensory evaluation courses at the UC Davis Olive Center and attend competitions like NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition where two gold awards were earned for organic Koroneiki and organic medium Arbequina oils in 2022.

Personal Life

Organic olive oil is packed with monounsaturated fats, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which all help to lower bad cholesterol levels while increasing good ones; also protecting against heart disease.

Organic farmers favor local-traditional varieties that are resistant to diseases and adapt well to each region’s specific environmental conditions, guaranteeing both sustainability and high-quality olive production.

Organic olive harvest cannot be mixed with its conventional counterpart; each grove must be kept separate. Furthermore, all machinery used during mechanical harvest should be thoroughly cleaned after each use to avoid contamination of each tree by pathogenic microorganisms. Modern olive growers prefer harvesters that individually vibrate each tree thereby minimizing injuries that could expose pathogens that could spread disease through wounds that occur from harvesters that transmit vibration to every tree in turn.

These oils come packaged in 3 liter Bag-in-Box to maintain both flavor and quality of their product, winning awards in international competitions while providing optimal health and wellbeing benefits.

Net Worth

Attaining a high net worth is key for successful retirement savings. A person’s net worth can be defined as the total value of all their assets minus liabilities such as mortgages, student loans, credit card debt and expenses such as utility bills. This number should be evaluated periodically in order to evaluate how best to improve one’s finances and plan future steps accordingly.

Organic olives may cost more than conventional ones, but they are thought to be healthier for both the environment and health. Organic varieties use less synthetic pesticides and fertilizers when grown; their disease resistance increases; they adapt well to soil and climate conditions in Greece; in one recent study conducted under both systems Hojiblanca olives were analyzed by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS); their concentration of phenolic alcohols like hydroxytyrosol and lignans was higher among organic-grown olives compared to conventionally grown varieties cultivated organic olives EVOOs than from conventionally grown olives despite originating from organically farmed varieties cultivated organic olives being higher overall than its conventionally farmed counterpart.

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