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The Arrest of Orlando Brown in Allen County, Ohio

The recent arrest of rapper/actor Orlando Brown in Allen County, Ohio is not the first time he has been in legal hot water. In recent months he has been the target of bounty hunters and police officers alike. He has also been the subject of a number of sting operations. His latest arrest comes just a few weeks after his last check up, which left many of his friends and colleagues wondering what has gone wrong.

The latest controversy involves the singer/actor’s long rumored addiction to alcohol. While he has been open about his issues, including his struggles with alcoholism and drugs, his recent arrest nixes any hope of his rehabilitation program making a big splash. Besides the obvious, Orlando Brown’s arrest is also notable for the fact that the incident landed him in jail, in addition to announcing that he will be facing a new set of legal entanglements.

Earlier this week, a video was released which showed Orlando Brown in the most bizarre of situations. He was seen walking around his neighborhood barefoot, holding a box of wine, and spouting off a list of nonsense. Apparently, his fellow residents were not too thrilled with his rants, which prompted them to call the police. But this was not the only incident to occur in the neighborhood. Other reports have stated that the actor was involved in a verbal argument with a family member that prompted police to attend. A relative claimed that the actor went “crazy” inside the home, but thankfully, the occupant was able to keep it together.

Another less revealing occurrence was his recent arrest for obstruction of justice. According to the report, the actor was involved in a dispute with a family member and threatened to assault the individual. After being summoned to the scene, he was found to be in possession of a few legal documents and a small amount of marijuana. One of the charges cited by the police was a misdemeanor – the same as the aforementioned booze-fueled encounter.

The news of Brown’s recent arrest is not exactly a welcome development for a man who was slated to relaunch his career as a rapper later this year. Several of his friends and colleagues have taken it upon themselves to stage an intervention in hopes of securing his release. Some have even gone as far as to send him to rehab. However, he is reportedly still in custody.

One would have to wonder what prompted the police to call his brother out of the blue, and whether his newfound fame has prompted him to break his vow of silence. At the same time, it’s hard not to admire his resilience. Nevertheless, his arrest has been a boon to the law enforcement community in Allen County, Ohio. Hopefully, the situation will be resolved in a court of law. For now, he is languishing in jail on a hefty cash bond.

Regardless of the facts, the case is clear that Orlando Brown is in need of help. Perhaps a visit to his sister’s house is in order.

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