Orvis Dog Weekender Travel Kit

Orvis Dog Weekender Travel Kit Review

The Orvis Dog Weekender Travel Kit is designed to make life easy for you and your dog on the road. It comes with a custom-made, BPA-free case and four rugged containers with polypropylene-lined inner chambers. There are also two mesh side pockets, a convenient zip pocket in the lid and a handy shoulder strap. If you have more than one dog, you might want to consider picking up a second case.

One of the coolest features of this kit is its bungee feature. Using this bungee system will allow you to attach your dog’s leash in a few simple steps. This allows you to make sure that your dog stays right where you want him to be without compromising safety.

Having a dependable, portable water source for your dog will help keep your pooch hydrated no matter where you go. Whether you’re hiking through the woods or playing catch with your pup, it’s a good idea to have a supply of fresh water close at hand. To make your dog’s trip a little more fun, tuck a couple of toys in his pack as well. These small items can provide a nice break from the monotony of daily walks and trips to the park.

While the Orvis dog weekender travel kit might not be the sexiest piece of canine gear on the market, it certainly is the most functional. This backpack holds enough food for a three-day excursion and boasts several perks to boot. In addition to the standard food bag, there are several additional bags, including a large and small water bottle. Also, the company offers a collapsible water bladder that rolls up to store easily. You can even personalize this little tidbit by naming it after your dog.

The most impressive aspect of this dog-friendly rig is the fact that it will withstand the test of time. Thanks to its durable, weather-resistant shell and polyester construction, you can expect this travel buddy to last for many trips to come. Moreover, the seat protector will protect your car’s interior from dog hair, muddy paws, and dirt dripping from the roof.

Other notable features include the aforementioned bungee system, a padded shoulder strap, and the aforementioned gizmo-meets-garbage-bag lining. Another bonus is a removable center divider, which can be tucked into the lid for maximum packing space. And if you need more room, a couple of extra food bags and an airtight kibble container can be added to this dog-friendly travel pack.

With a few dog friendly travel tricks up your sleeve, you and your pet can enjoy a truly memorable and hassle-free vacation. The Orvis Dog Weekender Travel Kit has all the basics you’ll need for a romp around town or a long weekend at the beach. For more details, check out the product pages online. Be sure to take advantage of the Bird Dog Blitz Online Auction, which is a limited time opportunity to buy and sell great pet gear.

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