Oscar Santos

Oscar Santos is an activist who established one of America’s premier grassroots democracy-building organizations. With 12 million members under his leadership, his efforts seek to preserve and strengthen democracy.

Judge Bender issued a memorandum opinion finding that Santos had failed to act with malice – an essential element of third-degree murder.

Early Life and Education

Oscar Santos attended Boston public schools as a child and graduated from its crown jewel, Boston Latin Academy, before teaching and headmastering for 14 years within its system. While in Randolph schools as superintendent nearly 10 years ago – seeking to ward off state takeover – he initiated aggressive change measures including lengthening school days, revamping teacher evaluations, shifting instruction for those with language barriers and consolidating sixth grades from four elementary schools into one middle school.

He led negotiations with Colombia’s FARC guerrillas, yet these ultimately proved ineffectual; the new peace accord failed to accommodate key opposition proposals and was heavily criticized by both political opponents of his government and many Colombians alike. Ludmila Emboada is his wife; together they reside in South End.

Professional Career

Oscar is an accomplished and versatile footballer who has won over soccer fans worldwide. Starting his career early, he has gone on to claim multiple tournaments and titles since.

He is an exceptional player with outstanding dribbling skills and creativity in the game, excellent positioning skills and sharp pass ability, who uses either foot to play on. Additionally, he possesses great goal scoring talent!

At an early age, he began his youth football career with Uniao Barbarians and remained part of this club up to 2004. Later he switched over to Sao Paulo where he would remain until 2008. That year also marked his professional debut during Copa Sudamericana tournament.

Achievement and Honors

Congressman Oscar Santos currently sits on both the Banking Committee and Veterans Affairs Committee. He lives in Danbury, CT with his wife and daughter Khloe.

His charitable work benefits animal rescues, at-risk children and America’s veterans – in addition to other charitable organizations listed on his website.

At first, many details on his site proved false: Baruch College and New York University say there’s no record of Santos ever attending either school; an IRS filing search revealed nothing in terms of charity he supposedly ran; later he admitted adding some fluff to make himself seem more accomplished, denied being Jewish (despite having descended from refugees fleeing Holocaust), and denied even descended from refugees fleeing it; leading many people to demand his resignation as president.

Personal Life

Santos and Ludmila Emboada met as children and have since lived happily together as parents to one child, often sharing images on social media such as Instagram of themselves together.

Attiyeh has also been active in several political movements and advocacy work on behalf of low-income voters, immigrant communities and people with criminal records. He served as field organizer for President Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012.

He is a member of the Democratic Party, representing District 11. In 2022 he completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey. Below are his responses. He was born during the year of the Goat and has an unselfish heart, making him easy for others to join his point of view.

Net Worth

Oscar is known for having amassed an extensive portfolio of cars and property, such as his luxurious Aston Martin. Additionally, he owns properties in Brazil and Shanghai as well as being an avid supporter of luxury brands like Calvin Klein underwear models.

Santos may not possess as much top-level experience as Izquierdo and Cassellius, but he knows Boston Public Schools inside and out. He served as principal at Cathedral High before taking on responsibility as superintendent for Randolph Small School District.

Ludmila Emboaba, his wife, is 30 years old. Born in Americana, Sao Paulo as a Brazilian nationality and educated at St Mary’s University he currently plays as an attacking midfielder for Shanghai SIPG in the Chinese Super League.

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