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Oleato Coffee Beverages Infused With Olive Oil

Olive oil makes an excellent addition to salads and grilled meats. Plus, its healthy monounsaturated fat content helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides levels in your bloodstream.

Starbucks recently unveiled their Oleato coffee drinks, which combine Italian Partanna extra virgin olive oil, espresso, and oat milk into one delicious beverage for optimal enjoyment. These velvety beverages deliver smooth texture with luxurious mouthfeel for an experience unlike any other!

Early Life and Education

Last year, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz visited Sicily and found inspiration for a line of coffee beverages infused with olive oil based on Mediterranean custom of taking one or two spoonfuls with each cup of coffee each day – Schultz made use of these elements by creating Oleato coffee drinks!

These new beverages feature an exclusive extra virgin olive oil from Asaro Family Farms of Partanna, Italy sourced through cold pressing from Nocellara del Belice (also known as Castelvetrano). Packaged in an attractive red tin.

Oleato Caffe Latte is the inaugural drink to debut from Oleato Cafe & Bakery, comprised of Starbucks Blonde Roast espresso combined with subtly sweet hazelnut syrup, oat milk steamed and cold-pressed Partanna extra virgin olive oil topped off. This indulgent beverage delivers both earthy notes from olive oil as well as its signature sweet notes reminiscent of hazelnuts and hazelnuts. The resultant beverage offers rich texture with complex notes of both sweetness and earthiness from these elements combined together to produce rich and complex notes of both elements that create its unique personality and character.

Professional Career

Family-owned company produces extra virgin olive oil on their Sicilian estate that is quickly pressed upon harvesting. Their olives are carefully chosen and use regenerative farming practices on their farms in Partanna. Furthermore, the focus is also placed upon informing people of its health benefits.

Professional olive oil enthusiasts may become obsessed with understanding all of the nuances between olive varietals (it’s almost like wine tasting!), but most simply select an olive oil that meets their preferences and is well made. Jenkins recommends starting out by purchasing one that is more likely to be organic and single varietal in price.

Starbucks’ new Oleato drinks feature arabica coffee blended with Partanna cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil to produce an intoxicating blend that has been described as velvety smooth, delicately sweet, and lush.

Achievement and Honors

Howard Schultz was so inspired by his experience traveling in Italy that he brought back the concept for extra virgin olive oil-infused coffee beverages as an idea to Starbucks, leading to their Oleato line: beverages featuring Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast mixed with Partanna extra virgin olive oil for an unparalleled coffee-eating experience.

Asaro Family Farms of Partanna, Sicily are home to one of the prestigious award winning olive oils in Sicily, made with Nocellara del Belice olives that have been certified organic. Their multigenerational farm is well known for their dedication to quality and sustainability – both traits they uphold with each olive grove they plant on their multigenerational farm.

Olives grown at their prime are carefully handpicked by hand and quickly pressed within hours to preserve freshness and flavor, leading to award-winning oil that has earned recognition from international olive oil organizations like NYIOOC Official Guide of World’s Best Olive Oils.

Personal Life

Partanna in Sicily’s Belice Valley, where it’s produced at The Asaro Family Farm, gives this first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil its name. A Nocellara del Belice variety, this first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is cloudy green in hue with an herbaceous aroma and strong “pizzicante” taste when opened from its red tin container.

Starbucks customers will soon have the ability to personalize their drinks by adding olive oil as an ingredient, via either press or spoonful, in the form of Oleato Caffe Lattes, Oleato Iced Shaken Espressos and Golden Foam Cold Brews with this customizable feature. All are prepared with oat milk steamed to the perfect temperature before being blended together and finished off with foam made with olive oil infused into its foam toppings.

Net Worth

Starbucks and Sicilian-based olive oil company Partanna have joined forces to offer customers in select markets a press (equivalent of one spoonful) of premium extra virgin olive oil as a beverage customization. This high quality oil will be used to infuse espresso beverages and tea lattes with creamy oatmilk for an unforgettable drinking experience.

Oleato Caffe Latte marks Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s inaugural collaboration beverage offering and will be served either hot or cold in tall glasses.

Partanna olive oil is a premium first-cold pressed, early harvest Sicilian caretto tin made of Nocellara del Belice olives that later become Castelvetrano when aged and cured, boasting an herbaceous aroma and distinct “pizzicante” taste. Unfiltered for maximum freshness and harvested at peak ripeness in October by handpickers, it comes packaged in its original container for your enjoyment!

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