Payson Schnabel

Payson Schnabel is best-known for his appearances on Discovery Channel’s reality television show Gold Rush, where he played Parker Schnabel’s elder brother. A construction and mining professional himself, Payson was initially Parker’s inspiration in becoming involved with Gold Rush.

He attended the University of Northern Arizona and earned a dual degree in Construction Management and Business Administration, becoming widely respected for his business acumen and expertise in handling heavy machinery.

Early Life and Education

Parker Schnabel has become one of the most recognizable reality TV stars due to his appearances on Discovery channel’s Gold Rush show. He also has an obscure brother named Payson who appears in some episodes as a regular character.

Payson Schnabel was born to Roger and Nancy Schnabel and grew up playing with construction equipment before learning the processes involved with mining from his grandfather John Schnabel – who founded Big Nugget mine and played a pivotal role in their family business.

John Schnabel passed away at age 96 on March 18, 2016, leaving behind Payson and Parker as well as several grandchildren. Although his appearance in Seasons 1-3 of the show was limited, he made two guest appearances during Season 3: Road to Gold and in Season 4’s Grandpa’s Last Wish episodes.

Professional Career

Payson Schnabel is a prominent American gold miner who has appeared in Discovery’s reality TV series Gold Rush for over five seasons now. Additionally, he is well known as Parker Schnabel’s only sibling on the series.

Payson used to enjoy playing around with construction equipment at his father’s laydown yard and soon gained an understanding of its working processes. Later he would go on to work as a construction engineer for their family’s gold mining operation.

He maintains an online presence but keeps posts about his personal life to a minimum, focusing on career. There has been no indication of gay rumors being addressed directly; at present he appears to be single and has no romantic relationships going on at present.

Achievement and Honors

Payson Schnabel, Parker’s older brother and the son of Roger and Nancy Schnabel, first made an appearance on Gold Rush season 3 and again during season 4. On his final episode he brought Parker’s wish about by fulfilling his grandfather’s last wish for himself and others.

Mining engineering expertise has enabled him to optimize and expand the family business. While his younger brother Parker remains front and center on camera, Eric remains mostly hidden from view.

At an individual level, he has donated to charitable organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation and Gold Rush Give Big Giveaway while advocating environmental awareness. Furthermore, his personal life remains private as he rarely utilizes social media. Based out of Alaska with his family.

Personal Life

Payson tends to keep his personal life private and doesn’t discuss his dating life in public, nor post any images or updates about himself on social media platforms such as Instagram.

At home in Porcupine Creek, Alaska he was raised by Roger and Nancy Schnabel and has an older brother named Parker. Parker appeared in several episodes of Gold Rush to fulfill his grandfather’s wish and fulfill their last wish as part of fulfilling life itself.

He currently works as both project engineer and property manager in his family’s mining business, Big Nuggets Mine. Both his father and brother are shareholders in this endeavor; his goal is to carry on his grandfather’s legacy by building a powerful company.

Net Worth

Payson Schnabel is an American gold miner featured on the Discovery channel reality television show Gold Rush. Through hard work and dedication to his role, Payson has made a successful living, amassing an impressive fortune and living comfortably in Alaska.

Payson and his brother Parker both work as shareholders of Big Nugget Mining Co. Payson manages infrastructure systems while purchasing property for the business, buying property when necessary and also remaining an inactive user of social media. He currently resides in Alaska but visits his family regularly during vacations; his estimated net worth stands at $5 Million while he may not currently be dating anyone.

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