Phillip Laude Net Worth

Small Laude is an award-winning YouTuber who has captured the hearts of millions. She is widely revered as an exceptional Filipino content creator, vlogger, and entrepreneur.

Alice G. Eduardo is part of the famed group Y-Titty and has three siblings; Melba Eduardo Solidum and Joel Eduardo.

Timson Printing and Timson Securities, two successful businesses owned by her family. Additionally, Vicki Belo and the Barretto family are her prestigious friends and bolster her wealth.

Early Life and Education

Phillip Laude has built an incredible career through hard work and creativity. After becoming well-known as a YouTube star, he worked to develop his acting and singing talents before beginning an acting career of his own. Phillip’s diverse experience shows that he remains open to exploring different artistic endeavors.

He made an appearance in Bibi und Tina: Madchen gegen Jungs film, where he sang for its soundtrack and also performed stand-up comedy.

Philip Laude is the president and owner of Timson Printing and brokerage firm Timson Securities in Beverly Hills and Philippines respectively, respectively. They reside in both homes for themselves as well as several rentals. As a couple they enjoy shopping, traveling and partying – they shop high-end brands such as Dior, Gucci and Balenciaga often.

Professional Career

Small Laude is an entrepreneur and vlogger who has made her mark through her vlogs and photos, which have gained her much acclaim among her fans. Additionally, she benefits from having close family ties that support her throughout her journey in her career.

She is best known as co-founder of Y-Titty, an internet channel with more than 3.1 million subscribers, where she also writes and produces skits and parodies for.

She is also a successful businesswoman who has amassed an impressive net worth through a diverse array of investments and ventures, and owns numerous properties – two beautiful mansions located in California and the Philippines among them – along with multiple properties that she leases out. Furthermore, she travels frequently and shares photos and videos from each trip on her social media pages.

Achievement and Honors

Small Laude has made her mark as an entrepreneur on the digital landscape through vlogging and social media content that has garnered widespread popularity, creating an income source.

She has amassed an immense fan base through her comedic skits and entertaining collaborations on YouTube; with over 3.1 million subscribers.

Philippine socialite and business heiress Patricia Laude has made her name living a luxurious lifestyle. Married to Philip Laude – son of famed confectionary makers in her home country – and owning two lavish residences both locally in her homeland Philippines as well as Beverly Hills California – her life is certainly one of distinction.

An avid traveler, she shares her luxurious lifestyle through her vlogs. From shopping sprees in Madrid to satisfying her sweet tooth in Bangkok, she never ceases to surprise and wow viewers with each video she creates.

Personal Life

Small Laude has taken her life-path nine into account when exploring social media as a content creator, where she has achieved tremendous success as an influencer and content creator. On Instagram she openly shares her luxurious lifestyle including both her Philippine mansion and Beverly Hills property – two impressive properties!

On February 5, 2013, at the advice of her friend and broadcast journalist Karen Davila, Small launched her YouTube channel which quickly became a major source of income.

She and Philip Laude are also the co-CEOs of Timson Printing and Timson Securities, both which they own and manage respectively. Pj Laude, Timothy Laude, Michael Laude and Allison Laude make up their family unit.

Net Worth

Small Laude is an esteemed YouTuber, content creator, and entrepreneur renowned for her millions of viewers worldwide who love her videos.

She is widely respected for her impeccable fashion sense and ability to select stylish designer outfits such as those by Balenciaga, Dior and Chanel labels.

She loves shopping, travelling and partying in her free time. In addition, she is married to Philip Laude who owns and operates Timson Printing and Timson Securities; together they have four children PJ, Timothy Michael and Allison.

She has relied heavily on her family as part of her success story, and is eternally thankful for their unconditional love and guidance throughout her life.

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