Piano Jack

Piano Jack

Jack’s friendly approach and extensive experience makes him a favourite with students of all ages. He began playing piano at age four, passing all ABRSM grades along the way.

Roland’s award-winning SuperNatural piano modelling and string, damper and key-off resonance are among the 15 piano sounds featured on the Roland CX-1 piano keyboard. Additionally, this model comes equipped with 2 headphone jacks for private music lessons without disturbing others and USB MIDI ports to connect with music learning apps.

Early Life and Education

Piano Jack was soon the talk of schoolmates and teachers alike when his musical talent first made an impressionful impression. Since then he has performed his craft at theaters, cabaret rooms, recording sessions, as well as writing his own songs!

He has served as guest editor of Classical Music Magazine and presented BBC Radio 3’s Inside Music program. Additionally, he has recorded with numerous labels – Orchid Classics released a disc of Holst/Vaughan Williams folk songs while Hyperion released chamber recordings featuring Katya Apekisheva as guest artist.

As well as his musical performances, piano jack has also proven himself an accomplished educator. He provides lessons to students of all ages and skill levels using various learning methodologies at his music studio as well as schools and community centers – offering free music services to residents at assisted living facilities as a volunteer service.

Professional Career

Jack has established himself as both a musician and piano technician throughout his professional career. He has produced multiple albums as well as performing on several projects; furthermore, he is an experienced pianist who has performed for audiences worldwide.

He has collaborated with some incredible artists such as Cheap Trick, Miles David, Alice Cooper and New York Dolls. With an in-depth knowledge of music – both ancient and contemporary – he enables students to reach their fullest potential.

His warm demeanor and vast experience make him an excellent instructor for students of all ages, including children as young as four through to those over 60 years of age. He offers piano instruction both privately and at schools, making him a sought-after choice for all levels ranging from four up to 60 years.

Achievement and Honors

Jack has worked on numerous recording, live sound, and television productions with local artists, national touring acts, and established music legends alike. Additionally, he specializes in piano technology and room acoustics and can work closely with students to help pursue their music industry dreams.

He developed the Millennium III Action, featuring an innovative component that allows hammer strikes to bounce off strings immediately, producing tone instead of dull “thud.” His groundbreaking work earned him PTG Examiner of the Year Awards on multiple occasions.

Because he had received so much recognition, the 4,000-member PTG organization decided to rename their award after him; an honor that is truly well deserved by him.

Personal Life

Lucas Jack is an exceptionally gifted pianist who has enjoyed a highly successful career. He has performed alongside an array of artists and bands. Lucas boasts an approachable nature and remains popular with students of all ages.

When the piano key is pressed, the hammer raises up on its jack knuckle and strikes the string, compressing its repetition spring and allowing for immediate reset and strike again – an ingenious mechanism which allows repeated notes.

Lucas Jack enjoys spending his free time playing with his family, as well as dining on delicious food and watching movies. Lucas possesses an admirable work ethic and never gives up on his dreams; this dedication and commitment have led him to build a renowned musical career.

Net Worth

He is both an accomplished pianist and entrepreneur. Best known for his role on American Pickers reality television show and for performing ragtime piano pieces live, he boasts an estimated net worth of $2 Million as an accomplished artist and writer.

He has appeared both solo and with orchestra as piano soloist, vocal accompanist, organ soloist, performing compositions from Baroque through contemporary time periods. Additionally, he is actively involved with Calvary Presbyterian in San Francisco where he teaches and coaches new singers.

He keeps his personal life private so we don’t know much about his family at this time; however, we do know he has amassed over six million subscribers on YouTube and that this channel provides him with income. Furthermore, he owns his home and luxury vehicles.

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