Pictures Of The Miz

Pictures of the Miz

The Miz has been around for a while. He started in the early 2000s and has since won countless titles including two world heavyweight championships. His accomplishments also include being a married father of two. In fact, his wife Maryse and he have been a pair of TV stars for quite some time now. They have a great television pairing and a great set of chemistry. And that is not to mention the many adoring fans in their corner.

The Miz has been in the business of displaying the good ol’ boy attitude. You don’t see that all that often. Even though he is usually portrayed as a serious business man, he still makes the occasional foray into comedy. It is not uncommon to see him having fun in a wrestling arena.

When he is not in the ring, he enjoys the finer things in life. He is a big golfer, and he has the means to indulge in the pastime. Despite his shady past, the Miz has a rabid fan following. Many of his fans actually watch his matches and the Miz has made it a point to keep in touch with his devotees. This is one of the reasons he has been a fixture at WWE events for years.

He has even taken his family along with him on some of his escapades. During the recent WWE Supershow in Toronto, his entourage included a slew of family members and friends. While it’s not a typical scenario, it’s not surprising when you consider the Miz’s history as a professional wrestler.

The Miz has made the most of his brief incarnation in the WWE. Among his accomplishments is his appearance in the Miz & Mrs. show, where he was able to make a few witty remarks about the ladies in his life. Some of his best moments have been spent with his two children.

For a guy who can boast a resume that spans nearly a decade, it’s no surprise that The Miz has a wacky sense of humour. His patented “T-Shirt-o-matic” technique, a sassy slap to the face and a few other naughty tricks have earned him a reputation as the unofficial ‘gaggle’ of the WWE. But the Miz has also earned the respect of his fellow wrestlers, and the fans.

Probably the most important aspect of The Miz’s career has been his friendships. He’s forged ties with many of the WWE’s biggest names, namely John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, and Road Dogg. With their help, The Miz has a well-rounded group of buddies who he can rely on when he’s not putting in work for the good ol’ boys.

Besides his naughty habits and the occasional bout with the law, the Miz is a family man. His wife and daughter have given him the opportunity to be the hero that he has always been. Hopefully that’s a good thing. Until then, The Miz is a true star in the making.

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