Pooh Shiesty Haircut Name

Pooh Shiesty Haircut Name

In January of 2021, Pooh Shiesty was arrested for a shootout in Florida. While no one was injured, two men did go to the hospital with minor injuries. The arrest was a major embarrassment for a man who was rumored to have a sneaker deal with Gucci Mane. This was followed by a long stint in a Miami jail.

Upon his release, Pooh Shiesty was indicted for a number of crimes, including the aforementioned robbery and a shooting at the Landon Hotel in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida. His sentence was a hefty 63 months, though he was also indicted on several other charges. Luckily for the tamer, he was able to secure a plea deal. One felony charge was dropped and two lesser counts were amended. A plea agreement for a firearms offense was the cherry on the cake.

Despite being in prison for the past five years, Shiesty is reportedly still working on his next oeuvre. He is currently signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 brand. Earlier this year, he was spotted with a beard and a pair of matching prison outfits, which was the trite part.

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