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Rabbi Adam Titcher Moves to Israel

Adam Titcher is currently an assistant rabbi at Adath Jeshurun Congregation in Newark, NJ and his wife Galia is planning their move to Israel.

Titcher recently filed a class action suit against Yuga Labs and Bored Ape Yacht Club alleging that various celebrities promoted NFTs without disclosing any relationship to these organizations – this lawsuit includes Madonna, Snoop Dogg and Steph Curry as defendants.

Early Life and Education

Titcher was raised in Los Angeles and attended UCLA before receiving his ordination at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles. Additionally, he spent considerable time working with youth and adults at Camp Ramah.

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Achievement and Honors

Rabbi Adam Titcher and his family are making preparations to relocate from New Jersey to Israel, where he will become assistant rabbi at Adath Jeshurun Congregation in Jerusalem.

He earned his BA in English literature from UCLA, was ordained at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles, and worked with youth and adults at Camp Ramah before joining our congregation.

His accomplishments and honors include receiving the Barry Manilow Music Project Award – a grant of $10,000 intended for use towards installing speaker systems in NAHS band rooms and jazz band keyboards – as well as being honored as a State PAGE STAR Student, in recognition of his academic excellence.

Illinois State’s Honors Program and Credly launched 29 badges as an additional credential that documents verified evidence of learning and accomplishment, telling an additional story about students beyond what can be found on their transcript.

Personal Life

Adam Titcher, an assistant rabbi at Adath Jeshurun Congregation in Newark, New Jersey, will fulfill a lifelong goal by moving with his wife Galia to Israel on June 30.

Los Angeles native and Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies graduate. Since 2001 he has spent 10 years helping youth and adults at Camp Ramah California.

His two daughters are Ofek and Geffen.

His wife is part of his extended family; her parents, Tom and Pat Archer, run a cheese factory on their Borchester farm.

Ed had a history of alcoholism and minor crime, such as joyriding. Seeking help from former employer Oliver Sterling, Ed eventually overcame his addictions and has since dedicated more time to work at his dairy.

Net Worth

Adam Titcher is an esteemed Jewish leader with an estimated net worth estimated to be $3 Million. As assistant rabbi at Adath Jeshurun Congregation and youth engagement specialist for years, Galia Titcher plans on moving with Adam in June as they fulfill a lifelong dream that started at Camp Ramah California; they plan on settling in Rosh HaAyin which means fountainhead in Hebrew – hopefully where Adam can teach others about Judaism while exploring opportunities within Conservative/Masorti movement within Israel.

Adam Titcher and Adonis Real, two buyers who claim they purchased NFTs from Yuga Labs after hearing celebrity endorsement, such as Madonna, Jimmy Fallon, Paris Hilton DJ Khaled and Stephen Curry, claim they purchased them based solely on this factor.

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