Ralph Henry

Ralph Henry Barbour

Ralph Henry serves as Director of Litigation at the Humane Society of the United States, overseeing one of the nation’s largest animal protection litigation dockets. Additionally, Ralph is an accomplished author and lecturer on animal law topics.

Graves followed in his family’s tradition of teaching and tutoring students by tutoring mathematics at Caldwell Institute in Hillsborough before teaching at The University of North Carolina after its opening.

Early Life and Education

Ralph Henry was raised in Spencer, Iowa before attending the University of North Carolina to become an educator. Later he took up work as a newspaper editor in New York City.

At the turn of the 20th century, Richard Stillman Powell was a prolific author of boys’ sports fiction published in publications such as The American Boy, Sport Story Magazine and Boys’ Life. Under this pen name he also published his works.

Janet Henry survives along with Michael Henry (and Pam), three daughters Vicki Heinen of Waterloo and Lori Henry from Red Bud, as well as their granddaughter Amy from Bountiful Utah and Roland Henry from Northfield who was their brother and caretaker.

Professional Career

Ralph Henry was an Illinois dairy farmer at Henry Brothers Farm located in Red Bud and a member of both Monroe County Farm Bureau and Dairy Farmers of America. Additionally, Ralph served on the Red Bud School Board for many years.

He currently serves as Director of Litigation at the Humane Society of the United States, overseeing their largest animal protection docket. Through this work, he defends threatened and endangered species, marine mammals, animals farmed for fur production, as well as wild animals subjected to suffering or abuse.

He is also co-founder and vice president of biopharmaceutics for InterveXion Therapeutics, where his efforts include interactions with the FDA as well as production and testing of protein therapies destined for clinical trials. Furthermore, he regularly speaks at law schools and bar associations about animal law topics.

Achievement and Honors

Ralph Henry Barbour was a widely popular author of boys’ sports fiction at the turn of the 20th Century. His stories often focused on football and its importance; these were published in many renowned publications like The American Boy and Sport Story Magazine.

His memberships included American Studies Association and serving on its Prize committee review panel for several years. Additionally, he lectured at universities around the country including New York University and Stanford.

Ralph Henry Gabriel Dissertation Prize was founded to recognize outstanding doctoral dissertations in American Studies. Administered by the American Studies Association, it recognizes and awards to the dissertation with highest quality content that has any field related to American Studies as its focus.

Personal Life

Ralph Henry was a lifelong farmer in Cedar and Jones Counties. Additionally, he served as custodian at Olin United Methodist Church and as an active member of Cedar County Co-Op. Ralph leaves behind his wife Dorothy Feldman, children, and grandchildren as his legacy.

He was an avid reader who believed in continuing education. With a wicked sense of humor and a gift for making people laugh, he especially loved to make people smile. Additionally, he enjoyed golf and spending time with family and friends.

He helped secure numerous favorable rulings for animals through Humane Society of the United States litigation and participated in various projects to assist writers exiled in Europe. He was an inspiration to all who knew him, and will be greatly missed.

Net Worth

Ralph is Henry’s deuteragonist and best friend from Series 2-5. In Series 1, they were enemies, but since then have become close, often seen together and discussing problems together. Both intelligent individuals, Ralph and Henry can provide each other with support when needed.

He amasses great wealth through the inheritance of Hunter Douglas’ predecessor company founded in Germany by his family in 1919 and moved to Rotterdam by him in 1933. Additionally, he received real estate assets through inheritance while diversifying into broadcast television broadcasting.

His most valuable asset is his home, but he also holds other income-generating investments such as stakes in professional sports teams such as Boston Red Sox and English Premier League soccer team Liverpool FC as well as an ownership interest in regional sports network NESN.

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