Ralph Shortey Net Worth

Ralph Shortey was born February 16th 1982 and currently serves in the Oklahoma Senate as a Republican. In 2010 Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorsed Shortey and in 2016 Shortey supported Donald Trump during his presidential election bid.

He established a Republican consulting firm and participated in multiple political campaigns. He also owned a coffee shop in southern Oklahoma City.

Early Life and Education

Ralph Shortey was born February 16 in Casper, Wyoming and currently represents Oklahoma Senate District 14 as a politician. In 2014 he started Precision Strategy Group; an independently operated political consulting firm which provided consulting, direct mail and polling services to numerous candidates running for political office. This effort earned nearly $300,000.

Shortey was arrested on charges that he hired a 17-year-old boy for sexual activities in March 2017 and the case garnered widespread media coverage because Shortey is a Republican known for taking strong anti-homosexuality and anti-abortion stands.

He grew up on an Indian reservation in Grass Mountain, South Dakota and experienced childhood poverty, according to his attorney. Stepfathers and her boyfriends abuse him frequently according to reports from West Moore High School (South Dakota) before enrolling at Heartland Baptist Bible College (Oklahoma City) before graduating in 2000.

Professional Career

Ralph Allan Lee Shortey was an American politician and financial specialist. A Republican legislator who served in the Oklahoma Senate for four terms starting in 2010, Shortey won several of his races and was reappointed. Additionally he established a Republican counseling firm.

Shortey was an Oklahoma legislator whose legislative work focused on protecting individual liberty, combatting illegal immigration and strengthening public safety in his state. Sheriff Joe Arpaio supported Shortey as one of President Donald Trump’s early supporters in Oklahoma; additionally he proposed legislation banning abortion-derived food products such as aborted foetuses in food products.

Shortey was successful despite suffering mental health issues and drug dependency issues; these reportedly led him to engaging in illicit sexual encounters with underage girls.

Achievement and Honors

Ralph Shortey has accomplished much throughout his professional life and received many honors and accolades in recognition of this feat. He is considered one of the premier politicians in the US as well as being revered for his pioneering efforts within society.

He was a two-term state senator from Oklahoma who campaigned on family values and supported Donald Trump during the presidential primary. Additionally, he sponsored anti-LGBTQ legislation in his state.

Shortey was born in Casper, Wyoming and is a member of Rosebud Sioux tribe. He spent part of his childhood living on reservation before later moving to Oklahoma.

In March 2017 police discovered him at a motel room with a 17-year-old boy whom he allegedly hired for sexual acts. In November he entered into an agreement to plead guilty to one count of child sex trafficking in exchange for three other charges being dismissed by prosecutors.

Personal Life

Ralph Shortey is an esteemed celebrity known for his contributions and achievements in Politics. Furthermore, Ralph has always been known as being kind-hearted individual who has helped many in need throughout his life.

Shortey had served as a state senator since 2010, until his November conviction on child-sex trafficking charges. If found guilty, this conviction could land him behind bars for up to 10 years or longer; according to court filings and sentencing memoranda filed by prosecutors they intend to seek full restitution from all involved.

Criminal allegations against him state that Shortey met his victim through an online Craigslist ad seeking illicit sexual encounters or pornography exchange with underage males, offering to pay her for sexual content. Later, however, FBI discovered Shortey as an undercover agent and opened their investigation against her.

Net Worth

Ralph Shortey net worth is an incredible feat for an individual so respected. Through his tireless labor for humanity he has built an immense legacy.

He has earned numerous awards across different categories and been honored by presidents and prominent figures with many honors and distinctions.

He was well known in the Senate for his staunch advocacy of family values and opposition to illegal immigration, proposing legislation banning sanctuary cities in Oklahoma; his bill garnered the endorsements of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Shortey was born in Casper, Wyoming and is a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. During his childhood years on Grass Mountain’s Reservation before moving to Oklahoma. Shortey attended Westmoore High School before attending Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City for further studies.

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