Randall Woodfin Net Worth

Randall Woodfin, Mayor of Birmingham, earns an estimated annual income of $107,973. That puts him below some of his Southern peers but above those from larger cities.

As an accomplished leader and graduate of Leadership Birmingham and Alabama respectively, and featured speaker at TEDx Birmingham 2017, he also serves on several community organizations boards.

Early Life and Education

American lawyer and politician Randall Woodfin has accomplished much through hard work in his life. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama – his example has served as an incredible source of motivation to many around him.

He has worked on various projects that have contributed to the city’s development, as well as undertaking charitable initiatives and providing aid for many in need. Thanks to all this hard work he has become well-known worldwide.

Woodfin’s dedication to helping others began early, when he visited each dormitory at Morehouse College during his bid for Student Government Association president during his senior year. That experience guided his mantra as mayor: Put people first.

Professional Career

Randall Woodfin, Mayor of Birmingham and an experienced criminal prosecutor and attorney, puts his city’s residents first by emphasizing education enhancement, creating economic opportunity and improving lives across each of Birmingham’s 99 neighborhoods.

He attended Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law to study criminal justice. In high school he graduated alongside former Crimson Tide linebacker Saleem Rasheed and remains a dedicated supporter of Alabama football.

He reads nonfiction, such as biographies, to keep up-to-date on current events and discover new ideas. While these books may not seem light reading to some, he views them as forms of escape and intellectual stimulation. Additionally, he enjoys music and travel and is actively involved with Sixth Avenue Baptist Church.

Achievement and Honors

As mayor of Birmingham, Woodfin has worked to enhance city infrastructure. Furthermore, he is committed to ensuring residents have access to jobs and education – while contributing significantly to community revitalization by transforming 99 neighborhoods within Birmingham.

He has received many awards for his work. He is beloved by his fans and considered to be an extremely successful individual. He worked arduously to achieve such recognition from those all around the globe.

His net worth has steadily increased over the years and currently is estimated to be between $5-$6 Million. He owns numerous houses and cars as well as having earned significant earnings through his political career.

Personal Life

Randall Woodfin has made strides on his journey towards fame. Now an inspiration to many young people worldwide, his achievements in life can be credited to hard work alone; additionally, he has made himself known by helping others.

He and Kendra Morris have been happily in love with one another for some time, sharing photos from their recent wedding at Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham on October 8.

As Mayor of Birmingham, he has worked to promote economic development, neighborhood revitalization, student opportunity development and reduce crime rates while simultaneously decreasing Birmingham’s incarceration rates.

Net Worth

Randall Woodfin, a well-known celebrity who has worked hard for his success, has gained notoriety worldwide and become a favorite among young people everywhere – he even became their hero!

Woodfin’s campaign team, including Council President Johnathan Austin (who eventually lost his District 5 seat to Darrel O’Quinn), Pro Tem Steven Hoyt and Shiela Tyson conducted extensive fundraising with Birmingham law firm Balch & Bingham; however, its figurehead board chairman Mark Crosswhite was excluded from Woodfin’s transition report’s listing of Woodfin’s top fundraisers.

Woodfin is currently single and prefers to keep his personal life private. He maintains an active schedule while striving to achieve work-life balance.

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