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Randy Tillim – A Lifelong Car Enthusiast

During his life, Randy Tillim was a car enthusiast with a penchant for the Lamborghini Murcielago. Known as the founder of Savage Garage, Tillim is a Youtuber who has a large social media presence, but was more than just a popular car enthusiast. He was also a businessman and an entrepreneur, whose startup CLARUS Merchant Services grew to process over $5 billion for merchants. Although he died in an automobile accident, the details of the incident have yet to be revealed.

Randy Tillim’s Savage Garage Youtube channel has over 625,000 subscribers and is only two years old. In case you are not familiar with the platform, it is a website that posts videos of cars and motorcycles, which the user can comment on and interact with. In addition to posting videos, Tillim is known for his effervescent presentation style. He was also known for his love of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhauses, Gintanis and Lamborghini Murcielagos. The best part about the site is that it is free.

In case you are not a fan of YouTube, you might not have heard of him, but he was a huge influence on the car community. He is credited with the invention of the Savage Rallyy, a multi-day driving event that featured teams of exotic cars, which was the gimmick of the moment. He also created a video game called the Savage Rallyy that won an award for its impressiveness.

As a car enthusiast, Tillim was a proud owner of a Lamborghini Murcielago. As a self-proclaimed effervescent person, it is no wonder that he created the Savage Rallyy. He was also a savvy entrepreneur who founded the aforementioned Savage Garage. In case you are unfamiliar with the site, it is a Youtube channel that features teams of exotic cars, which the user can comment on and interact.

Aside from the Savage Garage, Randy Tillim is known for his love of Lamborghini Murcielagos, Gintanis and the aforementioned Scuderia Cameron Glickenhauses. He was also known for his effervescent presentation, a feat that is rarely achieved. He is also credited with the invention of the Savage Morimoto, a game that is supposedly a cross between an airplane and a game show. His infamous car collection was not limited to the Lamborghini, as he also owned a Rolls Royce.

Randy Tillim’s life was cut short on April 15th, courtesy of a motor vehicle accident. According to reports, his wife was in the driver’s seat at the time of the incident. While the details of his death are still unknown, his Instagram is proof that he was a well-loved member of the car community. He is a legend and will be greatly missed. One can only hope that his legacy is one that is felt for years to come. A tribute to the great man is in order. Until the next Savage Garage, we are all saddened by the loss of this wonderful man. In the end, the world is a better place for his passing.

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