Ray Adames

Ray Adames

Adames offers Milwaukee an above-average hitter and reliable defense at shortstop, which they hope he will become. After Luis Urias struggled mightily hitting in Milwaukee this season.

He’s a strong defender, too, racking up one of the sport’s highest average exit velocities during his initial two seasons as a professional.

Early Life and Education

Ray Adames’ father was an observer for UN Peacekeeping operations and diplomat, so they would move frequently as a family. Ray showed musical ability early on and taught himself guitar at home.

He played an integral part in helping the Applemen win their state title in 2021, hitting 31 homers to finish second only to Christian Yelich among Brewers shortstops in home runs and 10 defensive runs saved – the highest total on his team.

Musselman’s Applemen schedule provides him with ample opportunity to compete in sprint races as the team faces Jefferson, Wheeling Park and Bridgeport, all which have high school athletes that excel in sprint events. Last year at their track meet he earned medals in both 100 meters and 200 meters events!

Professional Career

He found himself always out on the fields, showing great energy and natural athleticism which helped make him an eye-catcher as a player to watch.

Dave Dombrowski, then-Tigers General Manager, recognized Adames’ potential when he traded him to Tampa Bay as part of the David Price trade in 2021 and has become an indispensable shortstop for them since.

Shea has earned himself an impeccable defensive reputation, performing diving catches and run-saving plays that may not appear on his stat sheet but are nonetheless noticed by his teammates. Furthermore, he makes solid contact and has surprising power for a shortstop; though his strikeout rate can sometimes be alarmingly high; nonetheless his chase rate has improved with each year in the majors and now more often makes solid contact than before.

Achievement and Honors

Musselman offers Adames plenty of chances for side action. The Applemen take on Jefferson, Wheeling Park and Bridgeport – each boasting sprint stars with speed that could help him become faster on both football field and track season next spring.

Adames used his speed and quickness against world title challenger Teixeira to earn a 10-round unanimous decision win, leaving Teixeira gasping for air with each blow landed by Adames during the third round. Adames made sure his power wasn’t wasted as his performance earned a unanimous victory on all cards. His highlight came in round three when Adames’ shots left Teixeira gasping for air due to knockdowns that caused bloodied masking of Teixeira’s face from being hit hard with hard shots that left Teixeira gasping for air.

2021 saw him improve to 15-0 (9 KOs). Fighting at 147 and 149 1/2 pounds, his wins included an early TKO of 2004 Venezuelan Olympian Jean Carlos Prada in February; one-knockdown sixth round TKO victory against Mexican-born Bryan Medina; and finally in November an initial round TKO against Deivis Casseres from Colombia.

Personal Life

Musselman’s schedule affords Ray Adames many opportunities to race sprint races. The Applemen take on Jefferson, Wheeling Park and Bridgeport – each team known for having its own sprint star(s).

Adames hasn’t shown any sign of slowing, opening 2021 with a one-knockdown, six-round TKO win over fellow Mexican Bryan Medina in March before knocking out powerful Venezuelan southpaw Alexis Salazar in June.

He often appears confident or arrogant in the locker room, but his teammates quickly recognize this is just an innocent child enjoying playing an enormously exciting sport with great skill and talent to display. And they won’t shy away from using those skills!

Net Worth

As of 2022, Ray Adams’ net worth ranges between $1 and $5 Million. He makes his living through baseball and earns an annual salary of $4,600,000.

Born in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic to Sobeida Luna and Yekutiel Adames. They remain close, providing him with constant support.

Keston Hiura has been playing shortstop for the Milwaukee Brewers since being traded from Tampa Bay Rays in May of 2021, although he recently suffered an ankle sprain against Miami Marlins that resulted in him being placed on the 10-day disabled list with this injury. Keston Hiura, one of their top prospects and potential starting shortstop, has since filled in for him at shortstop for now – while perhaps in time he could even become their starting shortstop!

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