Recap Of Chicago Fire Last Night

A Recap of Chicago Fire Last Night

For the latest episode of Chicago Fire last night, fans had a number of questions. They wondered whether Emma Jacobs, played by Caitlin Carver, would make a return, and if so, what it would hold. There was also the question of whether Kidd and Carver were in any danger. The answer to those questions was no. While the episode did feature several major storylines, none of them were as intense as the one that ended the show on a high note.

NBC aired the episode at 9 pm ET. It was followed by the NBC show The Night Manager, at 10 pm. This season of the series has already been renewed for two more years, but we still don’t know when it will air. However, we do know that there will be some crossover events between the three shows.

A representative from the Academy of Medicine accompanied Carver to the Firehouse, and that is where Carver got the chance to apologize to Emma. Emma, on the other hand, felt that there was no reason to continue the investigation if Carver apologized.

Of course, there is no telling what the end of the line will be for both Carver and Kidd. But we do know that they are both dealing with the aftermath of a blast. Their injuries add another level of intensity to the proceedings.

Another new piece of news is that there is now a new cast member in town. Miranda Rae Mayo, who plays Stella Kidd, has joined the ensemble. She will be making an appearance in future episodes that have already been filmed.

There are other rumors swirling around, including the possibility of an alderman race, the wedding of Stella and Severide, and a potential murder case involving an unidentified suspect. In the midst of all this, however, it seems that the biggest buzz is surrounding the return of Matt Casey, played by Jesse Spencer. Though he hasn’t been on the show since October, the actor will definitely be back for the season finale.

One of the most engrossing things about the show is its emphasis on getting personal with its coworkers. There are a number of great moments between Carver and Emma. We get to see the impact Carver has made at 51, and how much he has become a part of the community. As well, there are numerous meaningful moments between him and other characters as well.

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll definitely want to check out the new episodes that are in the works. You can stream them online, or catch the show on your TV the next day, by following the links below. Don’t forget to comment and let us know what you thought of the latest episode! And stay tuned, because we’ll be posting more Chicago Fire recaps and previews for you to enjoy as soon as the season continues!

That was a roundabout way of saying that the best part of the show was the episode’s cliffhanger. The other major storyline was the reveal of the “Safe Surrender Box” at Firehouse 51.

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