Ree Drummond Goat Cheese Pasta

Ree Drummond’s Goat Cheese Pasta Recipe

A new and improved version of the popular TikTok baked feta pasta recipe, this dish is one tasty way to satisfy your goat cheese cravings. It is also easy on the wallet with its five ingredients, and can be scaled up or down to suit your family’s needs.

While the dish isn’t overly complicated, it does require a bit of planning. You’ll need to prepare the five ingredients and the sauce, plus a bit of time to cook it all together. The end result is a satisfying, creamy casserole that’s sure to satisfy even the most discriminating eater.

Ree Drummond is the famous star of “The Pioneer Woman” and is a cookbook author and entrepreneur. She has a rancher husband, and is known for her “no-fuss” recipes. Whether it’s the perfect chili, the hottest chicken parmigiana, or one of her many desserts, there’s something for everyone.

To start, you’ll need a large pot of water that’s been salted generously. Ideally, you’ll want to toss the zoodles in the boiling water so that they get nice and tender. Once they’re cooked, you’ll drain them and rinse them with water.

For the rest of the ingredients, you’ll need goat cheese, squash, and red pepper flakes. While you can certainly use other ingredients, it’s the combination of these three that gives this recipe its flavor. Also, you’ll need two tablespoons of olive oil.

The oh so popular TikTok recipe has been retooled by Ree Drummond to give us a dish that’s not only more delicious, but also more convenient. Unlike the original, this dish has a total cooking time of just one hour, and includes a handful of ingredients you’ll probably have on hand.

If you’re looking for the most entertaining, tastiest and most simple dish, this is it. There’s nothing fancy about the ingredients, and the end product is a satisfying meal you’ll feel good about serving to your family and friends.

One of the tiniest kitchen secrets is that you don’t actually have to use a microwave to make this dish. The heat of your stove or the flames of your grill can get the job done. Likewise, you’ll find it’s not difficult to assemble the five ingredients.

The “The Pioneer Woman” website has a recipe for this dish, and it’s easy to see why this dish has garnered so much attention. It’s one of the simplest dishes that I’ve made and it’s also one of the tastiest. This dish would be great to serve to guests who have a hankering for some Italian-style comfort food. So, if you’re looking for a fun dinner idea that doesn’t require a lot of fuss, consider this baked penne with goat cheese and squash. With the right ingredients, it’s sure to be a hit!

Another awe-inspiring fact about this recipe is that it has been featured on the Food Network’s TikTok video. According to the site, the recipe has been seen 270 million times.

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