Regina Louise Net Worth

Regina Louise is an author, child advocate and dynamic speaker best known for her memoir Somebody’s Someone.

Her captivating voice and charismatic performances propelled her to fame during the 1990s. Additionally, she made waves in television by hosting shows and showcasing her dancing abilities.

She had to pass through more than 30 foster homes and psychiatric facilities before finding comfort with Jeanne Kerr as her adoptive mother.

Early Life and Education

Regina Louise was born May 2, 1963 in Austin, Texas and attended Molly Dawson Elementary school until she dropped out due to her parents’ separation and moved into foster care in Richmond, California at eleven.

Louise lived at a children’s shelter where she was treated well, particularly by Claire Kennedy (an employee at the facility). Louise formed an attachment with Jeanne Kerr (a white nurse). Kerr wanted to adopt Louise but was denied due to racial prejudices.

Louise has become an international speaker after publishing her memoir Somebody’s Someone and is on a campaign to end systemic failures that affect foster children across America. Since its publication, Louise has traveled to over 40 states and 6000 cities, sharing her story and raising awareness on this matter.

Professional Career

Regina Louise is an author, child advocate, and motivational speaker renowned for successfully navigating more than 30 foster home placements as part of California Juvenile Court system.

Louise Brock is the daughter of late singer-songwriter Tom Brock, who placed her into foster care when she was 13 so that he could pursue his musical ambitions. Louise developed an attachment to a nurse named Jeanne Kerr who tried to adopt her but was denied by a County judge.

Louise later reconciled with Kerr, and credits her with providing the motherhood she always craved. Now working as a speaker and mentor to organizations and individuals on injury management and self-improvement. Louise has written two memoirs: Permission Granted and Someone Has Led This Child to Believe.

Achievement and Honors

Regina Louise has accomplished much during her impressive career. After her illustrious tenure in Eternal, she pursued solo work and released several albums that showcased her musical prowess.

She is a motivational speaker and child advocate who has appeared on numerous talk shows. Additionally, she has written two bestselling memoirs, Somebody’s Someone and Someone Has Led This Child to Believe; lifetime also produced the film I Am Somebody’s Child which premiered on April 20.

Louise is an incredible source of hope for those struggling in life. Her motivational speeches encourage others to pursue their passions. Louise currently resides in California’s Bay Area.

Personal Life

Regina Louise is an inspirational speaker, author, and child advocate. In July 2018 her second memoir Someone Has Led This Child to Believe: A Case History of Love was released for publication.

Louise’s life experiences have made her an engaging public speaker, raising awareness about foster care and helping to change policies regarding adoption and child abuse.

Tom James Brocker was an American soul artist who left Louise in foster care due to his musical interests in the 1970s. Nurse Jeanne Kerr Tylor adopted and guarded her until her death at 41. Her story has been made into a Lifetime movie entitled I Am Somebody’s Child featuring Angela Fairley playing Louise alongside Ginnifer Goodwin playing Jeanne Kerr Tylor, Monique Coleman portraying Ms. Lewis and Sherri Saum playing an adult Regina Louise.

Net Worth

Louise has earned recognition beyond her music career as an author and child advocate, taking part in various talk shows while earning the admiration of fans with her work.

Louise first rose to prominence as part of Eternal, then went on to release several hits and albums that demonstrated her musical skills.

Ginnifer Goodwin of Once Upon A Time and Angela Fairley from GodComplx are among those starring in Lifetime’s new film I Am Somebody’s Child, adapted from Regina Louise’s memoir of living through foster care before finally finding adoption with Jeanne Kerr. The movie chronicles Louise’s real journey through that system before eventually being adopted by Jeanne Kerr at 18 years of age.

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