Rielle Hunter Net Worth

Rielle Hunter (then Lisa Druck) was born March 20, 1964 in Fort Lauderdale to Gwen and James Druck. Raised in Ocala, she became an award-winning equestrian.

Hunter and Quinn Hunter have come back into the public eye with a new book that addresses Elizabeth Edwards, who passed away due to cancer in 2010. According to Hunter and Quinn Edwards’ book, she refers to Edwards as an evil “witch on wheels.”

Early Life and Education

Rielle Hunter net worth is one of the highest in politics. He has achieved much throughout his life and become well-known all around the globe due to his hard work; earning several accolades along the way.

Rielle Hunter was born Lisa Jo Druck in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Gwen and James Druck. She attended North Marion High School in Ocala and excelled as an award-winning equestrian before continuing her studies at the University of Tampa. In her book she revealed her affair with John Edwards which resulted in one of America’s most scandalous political scandals involving their daughter Frances Quinn being born; additionally since 1993 Rielle Hunter has been writing regularly as well as studying yoga, meditation and Eastern philosophies

Professional Career

Rielle Hunter has been called everything from spiritual seeker and party girl to political operative. Her wacky statements often remain calmly spoken with no hint of criticism or ridicule from others around her.

She recently published her memoir detailing her affair and daughter with former Senator and Presidential Candidate John Edwards and their daughter together, but due to New York publishers turning her down she chose a Dallas-based boutique publisher instead.

According to the indictment, Mellon issued seven personal checks totaling $725,000 that went directly towards supporting Hunter’s campaign for office. She claims she did so in good faith and wasn’t aware the checks violated federal campaign finance laws.

Achievement and Honors

Rielle Hunter had various identities before becoming John Edwards’ mistress in 2007. As reported by The National Enquirer, Edwards and Hunter engaged in an extramarital affair which resulted in her giving birth outside her marriage without his knowledge or consent.

Edwards’ affair is believed to have ended his political hopes and led him to accept millions in illegal campaign contributions to conceal it from public view. Though he denies these accusations, he does acknowledge paying child support to Quinn.

Novelist Jay McInerney based the character Hunter in his book Story of My Life on her. According to him, Hunter is described as being “cocaine-addled and sexually voracious”. Her book detailing their relationship will be released next month.

Personal Life

Hunter was an early adaptor to online political viral marketing, creating one of the first webisode series centered on an elected politician and earning recognition from BusinessWeek. Additionally, she was an adept New Age spiritualist as well as writer and blogger.

In December 2007’s National Enquirer reported, Frances Quinn Hunter was accused of having had an affair with John Edwards during his presidential bid; she strongly refuted these claims and gave birth in 2008 a daughter she named Frances Quinn Hunter.

She revealed to Oprah Winfrey that Edwards and she did not use birth control, and offered to pay for an abortion; but she declined his offer. Additionally, he had made her a sex tape which he intended on distributing himself – she sought restraining orders against this and sought an injunction against him doing so.

Net Worth

Rielle Hunter (nee Lisa Jo Druck) is a prominent American filmmaker best known for her infamous affair with former Democratic Party vice presidential candidate and United States Senator John Edwards – which resulted in Frances Quinn.

Even though her behaviors during their nine year-old affair seemed self-serving at times, she insists she ‘truly never meant to hurt anybody’ and still loves Edwards and Elizabeth (deceased) along with giving their two daughters Cate and Emma all of her love and attention.

Hunter maintains homes in New York City, Washington and Nantucket. She has written and produced multiple films; has studied meditation, yoga and Eastern philosophy; practices Christian faith; has one daughter Frances Quinn as her only offspring.

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