Romanatwood New House Address

Roman Atwood Has a New House Address

Roman Atwood, known to most for his pranks, has made a name for himself in the YouTube world. His vlog channel, RomanAtwoodVlogs, is a hit and has been racking up more than 465 million views. He also has a YouTube channel for his family, the Atwoods, where he and his wife Brittney Atwood post family related videos. Their son Kane Alexander Atwood was born on October 23, 2011 in Ohio. The couple are expected to home school Kane once he starts school.

He has amassed a rather impressive number of subscribers on his vlog and has been able to carve out a fairly nice life for himself and his family. His net worth is estimated at around $12 million dollars. Although he has had his share of bad luck, Roman has always been a very positive person to be around and his positive outlook has helped him maintain his sanity. In fact, he has even purchased a new Corvette Z06 for his father.

The video game inspired pranks of the past have been put to rest for good and this is reflected in his vlogs. His latest vlog, aptly titled Welcome to Our New House, is a montage of his past homes. It features a deluxe kitchen, a walk in pantry and a music studio. One would presume that this is where he will be spending most of his time when he leaves his wife behind for the new place.

Roman is also a very social guy and his social media pages are a smorgasbord of the most popular channels, with the notable exception being Instagram. He has an email address and a 4G sim card. And, he’s not alone: His fellow vloggers are also on the internet, including fellow YouTubers Kane Alexander Atwood and his wife Brittney Smith. They are also well-connected on Twitter and Instagram.

As you can tell by his vlogs and his social media presence, he is a very generous man who has given away plenty of free stuff. In the spirit of giving, he has also offered to let other people use his phone, although he hasn’t gotten too specific. This might be the most important part of the deal. So far, Roman and his family have lived in a variety of locations, including Los Angeles, California, and Millersport, Ohio. However, the most recent abode has been in Thornville, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Since he’s been living there, he has had to get creative with his marketing.

In addition to his vlogs, Roman has been active on Instagram, sharing pictures of his newest abode and posting the occasional witty quip. When the time is right, the Atwoods might even give viewers a tour of their newest abode. That’s something that fans have hoped for since they were first introduced to the show in 2014.

Clearly, the name of the game is to keep fans entertained and Roman is a master of that department. From the quality of his content to his commitment to a socially conscious lifestyle, he has earned his place in the vlogging community and his millions of adoring fans will be with him forever.

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