Russell Athletic Coach Gloves

Russell Athletic Coach Gloves

If you’re a coach, or you have kids who play sports, the Russell Athletic coach gloves are a great way to show your support for your team. They feature Dri-Power 4-way stretch woven inserts to keep your hands cool and dry, while also offering an attractive look.

The pigskin leather palm and finger shells of these Russell Athletic coach gloves are extremely durable, while the breathable cotton back makes them comfortable to wear on the field or at practice. Heatkeep thermal insulation and a soft inner liner help to keep your hands warm, while the velcro closure allows for a snug fit.

A lot of people who buy these gloves are ski guides, or other outdoors professionals who need to work in cold conditions. Reviewers were particularly impressed with the fact that they’re made from waterproof pigskin, which means they won’t absorb moisture and will be able to hold their shape in cold weather.

These gloves are great for winter hiking or skiing, and they’re a good choice for coaches, too. They have PrimaLoft insulation in both the liner and shell (340 grams, and 170 grams, respectively), as well as a cinch-ability that makes them easy to wear.

They come with a removable wrist strap, and the liner has a velcro-fastened elastic band to secure the glove around your wrist. They’re also water-resistant, so you can expect to be able to ski in them for a day or two without a problem.

You should avoid gloves that are too tight anywhere on your hand, as they can restrict blood flow and cause cold hands. This can lead to fatigue and decrease dexterity, so it’s best to stick with a size that’s a little roomy.

If you’re unsure about your size, you can try them on in a store or order online from REI or Zappos. Both of these retailers offer return policies that make it easy to return them if they don’t fit.

One of the more popular brands of gloves is Russell. They’re a little more expensive than others, but they’re well-made and offer a good deal of warmth for the money.

They’re available in several different styles, including gloves, mittens, and mitts. There are some models that have nose wipes, which can be helpful in keeping a runny nose from rubbing raw on your thumb during a cold ski day.

These aren’t the most waterproof gloves on the market, but they’re a solid option for winter hiking or skiing. They’re lined with PrimaLoft insulation, and they have a velcro-fastened elastic wrist strap to secure the glove around your wrist.

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