Rust Jacking

How to Prevent Rust Jacking

As spring nears (or already here depending on where you reside), fleets and owner-operators should perform brake maintenance to protect themselves against potential risks, such as rust jacking that affects drum brake shoes and friction.

Rust jacking occurs when corrosion-corroded steel expands and displaces all that comes in its path, in heavy trucks this can result in brake shoe and friction material degradation, potentially leading to failure and premature wear-and-tear.

Early Life and Education

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He applied his lessons learned from business to his own venture. In the early Sixties he transformed California Western University, a small liberal arts college located in San Diego, into United States International University.

USIU first established itself at Point Loma before branching out into England; Kenya; Mexico City; Steamboat Springs Colorado; Hawaii and Scripps Ranch.

At USIU in the early Seventies, finances had reached crisis point. Besieged by three forces – accreditation agency, dissident faculty members and local press – USIU survived barely, like an octopus with its legs cut off.

Professional Career

Rust jacking is a structural issue caused by water entering concrete structures and coming in contact with steel elements, usually through corrosion. To prevent rust jacking from happening again, regularly repair problem areas of your building to keep water away from coming into contact with any rust that would otherwise form and lead to corrosion oxidation and eventually cause expansion or “rust jacking.” Corroded steel expands and displaces elements within your structure including concrete structural members known as expansive rusting or “rust burst.” Other metals such as aluminum can also corrode and cause expansion issues within buildings as rust burst occurs as corrosion causes expansion problems when steel expands due to corrosion caused by expansion issues caused by corrosion corrosion.

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Achievement and Honors

Rust has proven himself an influential civic leader in Herndon as a member of its planning commission, council and mayorship. Additionally, he served on Longwood College’s board of visitors for eight years prior to being elected into Virginia General Assembly in 1990.

His engineering firm has designed many of the region’s major shopping malls, commercial facilities and utility infrastructure systems. His efforts in northern Virginia earned him recognition with the Tower of Dulles Award – given on occasion to individuals who have helped advance economic viability along transportation corridors in that region.

At the state legislature, he has collaborated with both parties to ensure Virginia’s education system remains among the nation’s premier systems. Furthermore, he has supported community college programs which allow students to start their college careers locally before progressing onto four-year universities.

Personal Life

Corrosion is a year-round issue for truckers from the Northeast to Southwest. While corrosion has long been an annoyance, in recent years its threat has grown substantially as state and local transportation departments began using more corrosive anti-icing chemicals.

Magnesium chloride and calcium chloride chemicals tend to be cheaper than sodium chloride for treating icy roads, but once lodged inside a brake shoe’s tight spaces they can cause corrosion that causes cracking that dislodges pads from their tables and compromise their effectiveness.

When this occurs, brakes must be replaced and taken out of service, potentially costing the owner-operator Compliance, Safety, Accountability points. Combatting rustjacking requires collaboration among truckers, technicians and brake vendors.

Net Worth

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Technicians know rust is one of the biggest enemies to drum-type brake shoes. Regular maintenance, careful parking location selection and purchasing quality reman brake shoes can help prevent this type of corrosion, though in some cases it cannot be avoided altogether.

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