Sand Jacks

Sand Jacks

Sand jacks provide crews with an effective and cost-efficient method for building bridges, culverts and tunnels. Not only are they cost-effective and easy to assemble into place but they’re also easily removed once their work is finished.

Sand jacks consist of metal “boxes”, lined with plastic and filled with sand. Their stiffness and ultimate capacity depend on how the assembly takes place.

Early Life and Education

Sand play offers sensory value as children dig, burrow and mold it. It develops dexterity, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness – as well as large and fine muscles – through digging, burrowing and molding activities. Sand also allows children to experiment, improvise and innovate; to solve problems creatively while learning from mistakes made along the way.

Children often use sand as an outlet to address real world situations that they find confusing, frightening or overwhelming. By acting them out safely in a controlled environment, they can also process them safely while building skills and confidence to carry into schoolwork and sign-making activities.

Professional Career

Sand jacks are often employed during bridge falsework construction as they are cost-effective, reliable and can easily be removed once finished with. Their complex operations make removal an added step if necessary; however, due to extreme loads, these machines must also be handled carefully.

The sand jack is a metal “box” lined with plastic and filled with sand for use as part of cast-in-place bridge falsework; supporting girder segments via posttensioning with a timber “plunger.”

Given a lack of design standards, it can be challenging to accurately predict failure modes and load capacities of such structures. This paper describes laboratory load tests and finite-element modeling of a steel sand jack; results demonstrate how banding significantly increased capacity – providing guidance to field engineers when selecting appropriate design pressures for such devices.

Personal Life

Sand jacks are used to raise one side of a SxS. Crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized colors, it is lightweight jack capable of lifting corners of vehicles on all surfaces such as soft sand. Furthermore, this tool makes changing tires easy.

Sand filled containers are an integral component of cast-in-place bridge falsework and facilitate its removal through slow and controlled lowering of bracing underneath a new bridge structure. This Technical Note will examine its response as well as analyze its stiffness.

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