Sarah 3rd Birthday Party

The Sarah 3rd Birthday Party of the Follywot

The third birthday of the folliwot is a special occasion for this kid of a mother of two and her entourage of equine mates. A full calendar day of fun was had by all. A bevy of babes were on hand to show off their wares to friends and family. The tidbits of which include the usual suspects, the oddballs, and those that just can’t help themselves. The festivities were capped off by a birthday cake worthy of an elite crew of bachelors. For the more laid back of the crew, there was plenty of room for a game of pool. A jovial mom and dad were on hand to savor the halo of their children. The party lasted until the twilight rays set in. On a more than usual scale, one child and her mom were in the house for the duration. It’s a good thing her mate isn’t a sexaholic! It’s an avuncular affair and a well-deserved respite for the sexes. It’s safe to say this was one of the best family days of her life.

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