Scrapp Deleon Net Worth

Scrapp Deleon, an esteemed reality star and successful entrepreneur who also makes money through music, has amassed an immense fortune through his professional endeavors.

Reality star Tyra Banks provides fans with an interactive website for them to stay abreast of his latest endeavors and build an engaged social media following. She also maintains a website dedicated to supporting those living with Alzheimer’s.

Early Life and Education

Scrapp Deleon was born March 12 in Woodstock, Georgia to his mother Karen KK King and two brothers, Sas and Dolla. As part of Da Razkalz Cru rap group with Sas and Dolla. He began his rap career and also featured as part of Da Razkalz Cru.

Deleon has managed to rise above his obstacles and establish himself as a reality TV star through talent and entrepreneurialism. Not only does Deleon appear on television programs, but he also generates income through music productions, business investments and other ventures.

Scrapp is currently in a relationship with Tiarra Becca and they share one son together. Although they have broken up multiple times over the years, they always manage to reconcile.

Professional Career

Scrapp Deleon has been a successful rapper for more than a decade. He has collaborated with numerous well-known musicians in the music industry and released numerous mixtapes. His unique rapping style combines elements of hip-hop, R&B, and trap – making him immensely popular with his fan base.

As part of Da Razkalz Cru, he first achieved fame as a rapper during the early 2000s with his brother and cousin Dolla. However, in 2012 both him and his mother were arrested on charges related to kidnapping and assault of Lyndon Baines Smith.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fans were introduced to him in season three when he became involved in a love triangle between Tommie Lee and her son’s mother Tiarra, prompting a regular cast membership change by season five. Unfortunately in 2016 he went into jail due to marijuana trafficking charges.

Achievement and Honors

Scrapp Deleon’s success and fan following have allowed him to expand his business interests and make an impressionful mark in the entertainment industry. He has made appearances on several television programs such as Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta where his popularity and fan base continue to increase exponentially.

He’s also a talented rapper with multiple mixtapes under his belt. Currently working on his next album that should be out soon.

King and Akil Smith were his two sons from his relationship with Tiarra Becca and is a follower of Islam. He has two stepfathers named Lydon Baines Smith and Lyndon Ahlik Smith (known professionally as SAS in rap circles), both members of Da Razkalz Cru rap groups.

Personal Life

Scrapp Deleon is an American rapper, television personality and social media celebrity best known for his appearances on Love & Hip Hop franchise and numerous mixtape releases.

Born in Cherokee County, Georgia to Karen “KK” King and professional rapper known by the moniker SAS.

Deleon first appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in season five before being elevated to main cast status by season eight. His storyline revolves around his interactions with Tommie Lee and Tiarra (his baby’s mother).

He remains coy about his personal life, declining to reveal details regarding any potential relationships or family matters. At present, he remains single with one son named Akil.

Net Worth

Scrapp Deleon is an accomplished entertainer who has amassed a considerable fortune through music, appearances and entrepreneurial ventures. Additionally, he uses his platform to raise awareness for various social causes.

He is currently engaged to Alexis Skyy, a model and reality star best known for her appearances on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. They share an intimate bond and stand shoulder to shoulder through any challenges both personally and professionally.

Tiarra Becca from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and they share a son named King together despite a turbulent relationship; nonetheless they still keep in contact and try to be good role models for their child. King has also dated several females including Tommie Lee.

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