Sean Larkin Net Worth

Sean Larkin Net Worth – Police Officer and TV Host

Sean Larkin is a well-renowned police officer and TV presenter best known for his appearances on A&E’s Live PD and its spin-off series PD Cam.

Podcaster and author of Breaking Blue. Married with two children; previously was dating famed American singer Lana Del Rey.

Early Life and Education

Sean Larkin is an A&E show Live PD star known for appearing regularly with Tulsa Police Department since 1993 as part of their Gang Unit and as such regularly appears on Live PD.

Sean has been an integral part of this show from its inception. Night Patrol follows Tulsa police officers during night patrols and crime cases; other segments cover various other events in Tulsa as well as local news stories and events that happen there.

He hails from California and boasts of numerous accomplishments throughout his life. Although currently single, he has been dating Lana Del Rey (a well-known musician). Additionally, they share two children. Additionally, he is well known for having an attractive physique – standing 6 feet 1 inch at 75 kg.

Professional Career

Sean Larkin has been serving the Tulsa Police Department and patrolling some of their most vulnerable neighborhoods as an officer for over two decades, starting off his career as an intern intern and eventually rising through the ranks to sergeant. Sean currently works with their Gang Unit.

Larkin quickly rose to fame after appearing on A&E’s reality TV show Live PD. This series chronicles the day-to-day lives of police officers as captured from dashboard cameras and helicopters; Larkin served as both analyst and co-host on this program.

He has also launched his own podcast and engaged in charitable work through his foundation STICKS Cares. Additionally, he published Breaking Blue: Real Life Stories of Cops Falsely Accused as well.

Achievement and Honors

Sean Larkin is an extremely wealthy police officer known for his appearances on A&E reality shows Live PD and as being ex-partner to famed American singer/songwriter Lana del Rey.

He enjoys traveling and supporting University of Tulsa sports teams in his free time, as well as engaging in charitable causes through the STICKS Cares foundation he founded.

He boasts an impressive physique, standing 6 feet 1 inch and weighing 75 kg. He possesses 44-inch chest size, waist measurement of 34 inches, hip measurement of 38 inches, 18 inch muscular biceps and brown eyes and white hair color – an attractive individual with great personality and charisma.

Personal Life

Sean Larkin, commonly referred to by his nickname “Sticks,” is a retired police sergeant from Tulsa, Oklahoma who gained notoriety as host of A&E docuseries Live PD and PD Cam. Additionally, Sticks launched his own podcast and created two children’s foundations – all achievements that earned him multiple Emmy awards.

He is the author of Breaking Blue and has several projects under his belt, such as Her Ink TV show and his own line of t-shirts. Additionally, he serves as part-time CrossFit trainer and enjoys drinking Bourbon.

He and Tammy Jean Stocks had two children named Patrick and Alyssa but recently divorced. He possesses a muscular physique with tattoos on different parts of his body; his birthday is December 7, 1973 and he belongs to Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Net Worth

Larkin is a Sagittarius who enjoys traveling, drinking Bourbon and CrossFitting. Additionally, Larkin shares an affinity for music as evidenced by photos posted of himself with both Lana Del Rey and his girlfriend sharing music performances together.

He currently works for Tulsa Police Department’s Gang Unit and can often be seen appearing on A&E show Live PD as well as hosting its spin-off shows PD Cam and Live Rescue.

He is blessed with both brothers and sisters; we know both sets of parents well. He has amassed an enormous social media following and actively donates money to charity; in addition, he wrote his own book! Through hard work and dedication he has achieved much in his life – amassing an estimated net worth of around $2 Million as an inspiring role model for all to look up to.

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