Shams Charania Net Worth

Shams Charania is one of the country’s premier NBA journalists and newsmakers. His passion, ambition, tenacity and self-motivation allow him to remain an industry leader without resting on his laurels.

Charania was raised in Chicago and attended New Trier High School before enrolling at Loyola University Chicago to further his studies.

Early Life and Education

Shams Charania was born in Chicago, Illinois to parents of Pakistani descent and now works as the senior lead NBA Insider/Writer at The Athletic and Stadium. A renowned news breaker with over 288,000 followers on both Twitter and Instagram respectively.

Beginning his career at an early age and being highly hardworking, he quickly expanded from writing for local websites to platforms such as RealGM and ChicagoNow.

High school was an exciting time for him; he enjoyed basketball immensely and tried out for the team. Unfortunately, however, due to injuries on the court and being cut from it; he eventually decided to focus on sports journalism instead and graduated from New Trier High School before enrolling at Loyola University Chicago.

Professional Career

Shams Charania received advice that would alter his course in tenth grade English class that would profoundly change his life. While he had consistently outperformed his classmates in class and writing assignments, he never realized he could turn these abilities into a career opportunity.

Charania has made quite the name for himself as an NBA insider and news breaker. Through forming strong relationships and trust with players, agents, and executives.

Before graduating from New Trier High School in 2012, he worked as a nursing unit concierge at Skokie Hospital. Subsequently he enrolled at Loyola University Chicago with a focus on communications studies. While there, he began writing journalism for Yahoo Sports before later moving onto The Athletic and ChicagoNow before contributing regularly to RealGM.

Achievement and Honors

Shams Charania has achieved great success as a sports journalist. Additionally, his earnings as an NBA insider account for almost $100,000 annually.

At 17 he began covering the Chicago Bulls for ChicagoNow and writing articles for RealGM reporting small transactions throughout the league.

He was instrumental in brokering several key NBA trades and cultivating strong ties with players, agents, and executives – not to mention keeping up with an ever-evolving news cycle in NBA.

Even with his success, he still prioritizes family above everything else. He practices self-motivation and doesn’t like resting on his laurels; additionally he values privacy and keeps his personal life private.

Personal Life

Shams Charania, who works for The Athletic and has amassed a sizable fan base on Twitter with his exclusive NBA scoops, is renowned as an NBA insider and reporter with an established sports journalism career who also earns an attractive salary.

At 17, he began his sports journalism career, writing for his school newspaper and reporting small transactions on HoopsHype and RealGM. Over time, his reporting earned the trust of NBA executives and agents and eventually even NBA executives themselves.

He shares a close bond with his family and enjoys spending time together. Additionally, he’s an avid supporter of the Chicago Bulls and often attends their games when possible. Currently single and living in Chicago, United States; graduate of both New Trier High School and Loyola University Chicago

Net Worth

Shams Charania has earned himself a stellar reputation as an NBA journalist. He broke several major trades and signings involving Dwight Howard’s move to Atlanta and DeMar DeRozan’s re-signing with Toronto Raptors; also working for Yahoo before becoming senior NBA insider and writer at The Athletic.

He has amassed an extensive following on social media and is well-recognized among players, agents, and executives in the world of football. Additionally, he has earned side gigs with FanDuel (sports gambling company) and Stadium (digital video network).

He was born April 1, 1994 as an Aries. A graduate of New Trier High School and Loyola University Chicago, he now dedicates himself to family life – cherishing support from wife, children, parents, as well as peers throughout his journey in his career.

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