Shane Nguyen Fort Wayne

Shane Nguyen, 55, Was Murdered and Dismembered This Past Weekend in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Shane Nguyen was a beloved man with an enormous heart who enjoyed spending time with his family. On April 25, his loved ones and friends were shocked to learn of his brutal death and dismemberment in Fort Wayne.

He was a beloved member of his community and an enduring friend to all those he encountered. His dedication and devotion to serving others remained constant throughout his life.

The family of the 55-year-old woman murdered and dismembered in Fort Wayne this past weekend is seeking justice. We can all be thankful for the work of local law enforcement in pursuing the truth behind this horrific act and holding those responsible accountable.

This case has generated much media coverage. A fundraiser has raised over $90,000 to aid the family in their pursuit of justice and answers.

Homicide detective who worked the Nguyen case recalls speaking to the family about their loved one’s passing as an emotional experience. He noted how difficult it can be to inform someone they won’t be returning home.

He has been a homicide detective for 23 years, but this case stands as his most horrific yet. The victim’s body had been cut up and dismembered inside of a storage unit.

Police report that Nguyen was driving when he was shot to death in Fort Wayne. He and the killer, 21-year-old Matthew Cramer of Goshen, Indiana, allegedly traveled together from Elkhart, Indiana to Fort Wayne.

On arrival in Fort Wayne, Nguyen requested a ride and Cramer agreed to pick him up at a storage facility. Police reported that they had an intimate encounter and exchanged phone numbers upon meeting.

Investigators report that upon reaching the storage unit, Cramer slammed Nguyen’s head down on the ground and choked him. He then cut up his body, stuffing its limbs into garbage bags, according to investigators.

Cramer and another man, Jacob Carreon-Hamilton, then loaded the limbs onto Nguyen’s van before taking it away in it.

Don Lewis, a former homicide detective and cybercrime executive, testified that the men were wearing medical masks when he saw them at Lowe’s but later at Walmart where they purchased tarps, hacksaws and knives. These items were found at the scene along with receipts for purchases made at both stores.

As Lewis continued to question Cramer and Carreon-Hamilton about the crime, he began to cry. He was deeply troubled by what had transpired. Yet when Lewis asked for more details from them, he began to break down once more.

At that point, he had to decide whether he wanted to stand trial or plead guilty and avoid prison. He chose the latter option, facing a potential life without parole in prison. His trial will continue this week and next.

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