Shari Adams

Shari Adams

Shari Adams is a counselor who practices both psychotherapy and spiritual direction. In her free time she enjoys women’s book groups, bluegrass music festivals, silent retreats and gardening. Additionally she consults several nonprofit organizations.

There have been various theories as to who Adams’ mother could be, with Kathleen, Neve Campbell’s McSibling mentioned back in Season 3, living in Connecticut being one possibility.

Early Life and Education

Shari Adams brings an extensive spiritual foundation and extensive counseling knowledge. She received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Wheaton College, her master’s in counseling from Azusa Pacific University, and her PhD in Theology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary – her education includes both psychotherapy and spiritual direction practices.

She brings an interesting perspective to holistic health and believes strongly in its capacity for healing the human spirit.

She is an outdoor enthusiast with a deep appreciation for crystal sands and turquoise waters, singing/songwriter talent, as well as being an inspiring role model to young women. Her journey of perseverance and success is truly inspirational to many and serves as a great model of perseverance in action for many others to follow their own dreams.

Professional Career

Shari Adams is a highly accomplished and sought-after consultant in the nonprofit sector, known for her experience providing organizational assessment, strategic planning, development planning and transition management for small to mid-sized organizations.

Adams offers consulting services to various private clients outside the nonprofit sector as well. She is renowned for being an adept strategist who excels at crafting workable strategies. Adams’ dedication and professionalism have allowed her to build up an excellent reputation within the industry.

Adams takes pleasure in working with patients to help them overcome barriers to realizing their dreams and accomplish what is most important to them. Her clients have found her compassionate and supportive, making her readily available whenever assistance is required. Currently practicing in Niceville, FL where multiple insurance plans are accepted by her practice.

Achievement and Honors

Adams earned her bachelor of physical therapy degree from University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida; as well as two additional professional certificates at Nova Southeastern University Fort Lauderdale Florida: MHSAA and DBA respectively. Since graduating she has worked as both physical therapist and escrow system specialist.

Shari Adams was an integral member of Chadron State rodeo team and placed second in the final National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association barrel race during 1982-83, while also becoming National High School pole bending champion.

Shari Adams has earned numerous honors and awards for her academic accomplishment and community service. In 2023, Shari was recognized at the Hastings Noon Rotary Club’s Senior Recognition Luncheon as she graduated within the top 10% of her class or being honored for an exceptional academic discipline achievement.

Personal Life

After graduating college, she found employment with a title insurance company as an escrow system specialist and became active with volunteering for American Cancer Society.

She is an accomplished interviewer and moderator who can create an authentic relationship with audiences, while at the same time bringing new business for clients through her boutique consulting firm.

She is currently widowed with two adult children and three grandchildren.

She is the daughter of LeRoy Rollins and Sharon Adams and is married to Cindy Mazzotta; however, her husband died in 2008. She currently resides in California where her son Lucas appears as an actor for various shows including School of Rock, Disney’s Liv and Maddie, Dexter and HBO’s True Blood.

Net Worth

Lucas Brentley Adams was born to Brent and Shari Adams of Sherman, Texas, United States in 1987. He has two older sisters named Audrie Adams Farris and Brittnie Adams whom he looks up to greatly as models and inspirations. Lucas currently pursues his goal of becoming an actor.

He earned a recurring role on Disney Channel sitcom Liv and Maddie as well as film appearances such as Urban Myths and Wolves at the Door. Additionally, he’s made appearances on HBO’s True Blood and NBC’s Grimm as well.

At present, he is living an enjoyable relationship with Liv and Maddie co-star Shelby Wulfert from Liv and Maddie. They earn an adequate living from their work together; plus advertisements, endorsements, cameo appearances, advertisements and an annual salary of $100,000! His house can be found in Palm City, Florida.

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