Shrek Bowling

A simple bowling game comes included with this DVD-ROM. It features two debugging sprites – one red and one grey – to help ensure its success.

While Shrek’s Carnival Craze Party Games doesn’t do much to make Shrek enjoy carnival, its minigames do strive to add some humor and character. Unfortunately, that effort often backfires.

Achievement and Honors

Shrek-themed video games have been licensed and released for different platforms such as PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, Microsoft Windows, Wii U, Xbox 360 and mobile phones.

This game from Shrek features characters from the movie, such as Shrek, Donkey and Fiona; as well as Puss-in-Boots-the-Ogre Killer who’s really just a kitten at heart! Play in beautiful swamp lanes for movie-inspired achievements!

The DVD of the original film contains hints for this game in its special features menu, but most don’t appear within the game itself and some even involve actions that cannot be accomplished – such as throwing bowling balls at enemies or hitting them with hammers – while there is also a hidden debugging sprite on its title screen which, when activated, causes soft-lock.

Personal Life

Shrek Bowling is an engaging and interactive game featuring characters from the DreamWorks Animation series. Up to four players can join in the fun!

Game Studio developed this game for PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, Xbox, Wii and mobile devices – becoming one of the first DreamWorks Animation titles to utilize deferred shading technology.

Shrek was an unexpected entry in the WSC Pool Rumble, winning by defeating Ryback, Otis, Fat Bastard, Seth Rollins and Seth Rollins to become Multiversal Champion. Additionally, in a Shower Match against Joker and Braun Strowman it won hands down, prompting Joker to forfeit his title reign; Otis then joined forces with Shrek and Fiend to destroy Joker permanently.

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