Shrek Supreme Shirt

Supreme Collaborates With Shrek For AW21

For AW21, Supreme has collaborated with Shrek to release a new collection featuring the character. The Shrek logo is emblazoned across the black cotton T-shirt. If you’re a fan of the popular Disney movie, this is definitely the shirt for you.

Shrek supreme t-shirt

The Supreme Shrek T-shirt features a graphic inspired by the 2001 DreamWorks Animation blockbuster Shrek. The t-shirt is black in color and features the iconic Shrek logo and monster ears. The Shrek supreme t-shirt retails for $48.

The Shrek/Supreme collaboration has stirred up controversy in the fashion world. While some internet users have called it a joke, others have hailed it as the ‘peak of fashion’. This is a great example of how a t-shirt can have multiple meanings.

This Shrek supreme t-shirt is an example of the fun and innovative collaboration between the two companies. Supreme is known for incorporating pop culture references into its designs, and this latest collaboration is no different. The Shrek logo is reworked into the word Supreme, a cool fashion reference.

Shrek supreme beanies

Shrek supreme beanies and shirts are two of the latest items from Supreme. The brand has collaborated with Shrek to release a line of Shrek-inspired merchandise. In the AW21 collection, Supreme has used Shrek’s iconic logo to spell out its brand name. The collection has also included subway carriages with the brand’s signature hypebeast logo.

The Shrek supreme collection is another example of Supreme’s unconventional designs. The brand’s Fall/Winter 2021 lookbook features the Shrek logo in green and on a variety of items, including black t-shirts, beanies, and three skate decks. Shrek is a pop culture icon who often goes viral on social media. The Shrek supreme hats and shirts are a great way to show your love for the movie while wearing your favorite Supreme gear.

Supreme is known for its unconventional designs, so this collaboration is a perfect fit for this brand. They are known for using pop culture references to inspire their designs, and the Shrek collection is no exception. Shrek’s iconic slime green coloring is also a prominent part of the collaboration.

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