sidewalk jack

Jack Kerouac’s Sidewalk Jack

As your aging grandmother steps onto the front porch step, her foot hits an edge of a sunken concrete sidewalk section and causes her to trip and fall.

This invention’s aim is to carefully lift a sunken section so dirt can be spread underneath to restore alignment, with multiple lift points for stability and an evenly distributed lifting force to avoid cracking of the section. Furthermore, it should be cost effective and easily operable by one person.

Early Life and Education

Realignment devices designed to restore sidewalk sections displace by settlement or tree root uprooting include a longitudinal beam equipped with cross beams at each end, stretching to reach to side edges of sunken sections. Hooks suspended from these cross beams hook under sidewalk slab without clamping on or boring into concrete surface. A jack lifts both hooks and beam with even distribution of force to avoid cracking of concrete and then fill-dirt is thrown under raised section in order to restore vertical alignment of raised section; all this can be operated by one person only.

Personal Life

Jack Kerouac was an extremely spiritual and loving individual in his personal life. His passions included poetry, writing, politics, activism, food banks at Columbia Point and protesting the Vietnam War; he also excelled as an accomplished painter and author.

Early in his childhood years, he took great interest in art, which caused him to fail first grade for it. Later, he found his calling in acting but his career was disrupted when drafted for military duty during World War II – serving overseas for three years before returning home only after his mother passed away and devoting himself entirely to writing novels, poetry and other forms of artistic works.

Net Worth

A person’s net worth can be calculated as the sum total of all financial assets less all financial liabilities. Assets include stocks, properties and balances in various savings accounts while liabilities include mortgages, student loans and credit card debt.

An impressive net worth can be attained even on a modest income with careful budgeting and spending practices, although this requires disciplined budgeting to achieve. A high net worth may help qualify you for loans or mortgages and is also an indicator of retirement readiness.

Jack relies heavily on YouTube as his primary source of income, but also profits from brand deals, stocks and real estate investments as well as hard money loans. Diversifying your sources of income can help quickly grow your net worth.

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