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SmallAnt – How Has SmallAnt Achieved Remarkable Success?

SmallAnt has built up an enormous following through his dedication and engaging persona as an avid gamer. His dedication has also earned him many awards and honors from gaming communities around the globe.

SmallAnt, born May 3 in Canada on May 3, 1996, is best known as the creator of his YouTube channel known by that same name; featuring speedruns and commentary of games such as Super Mario Odyssey.

Professional Career

SmallAnt is an acclaimed streamer with millions of followers on Twitch. Known for speedrunning various titles such as Super Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild and Pokemon as well as taking part in outlandish challenges like playing Super Mario Odyssey while the floor is covered with lava or beating Pokemon Platinum without leaving his gym, SmallAnt is well known among his audience for speedrunning these titles at lightning-fast speeds.

Tanner Charles (born 5-3-1996) is a Canadian video game streamer and YouTube star best known for his channel SmallAnt on YouTube, with over 2.8 million subscribers to his account where he posts speedrun videos with commentary. Charles currently resides in Prince George, British Columbia.

Personal Life

SmallAnt’s dedication and passion for gaming have contributed significantly to his success. His engaging personality and tireless effort has won him over two million viewers on YouTube and one million+ viewers on Twitch. Yet, despite all this fame, he remains modest while taking steps to ensure he maintains a balanced work-life. Furthermore, his strong philanthropic commitment enables him to give back to the community.

SmallAnt, born Tanner Charles Minecraft on May 3, 1996 in British Columbia, Canada, has made waves as one of Canada’s premier video game streamers, popularly known for speedrunning and modded challenges such as “Super Mario Odyssey But The Floor Is Lava” and “Pokemon Platinum Without Damage”. His Life Path number 6 signifies his capacity for serving others.

Net Worth

SmallAnt is an esteemed YouTube and Twitch content creator who has amassed millions of views for his videos on both platforms. Thanks to his commitment to gaming and entertaining content creation, SmallAnt has achieved remarkable success and gained international acclaim.

His videos have amassed a loyal viewership and served as an inspiration to many aspiring gamers and streamers. Furthermore, they have garnered him numerous awards from The Streamer Awards further cementing their status as an influential gaming content creator.

Tanner Charles, more commonly known by his online handle Smallant1, is a Canadian speedrunner and gamer. He has gained immense fame through his YouTube and Twitch content including modded Super Mario Odyssey games, Pokemon battles and Breath of the Wild challenges. Smallant1 is beloved for his unique gameplay and entertaining commentary – as evidenced by his large following on both platforms.

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