Soji John

Soji John

Soji John is a patent licensing and technology strategist at Western Digital Corporation. He manages inbound and outbound patent licensing negotiations, assists with patent reexaminations, and provides litigation support to litigation counsel.

He was previously the Executive Dean and Professor of Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment at Rutgers University. Additionally, he founded and served as Director of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES).

Early Life and Education

Soji John was born in Lagos, Nigeria and received his education from various institutions.

John had difficulty staying motivated while in school when he was younger. His father encouraged him to follow his dreams of becoming a minister and placed him in more challenging classes to help him excel academically.

John achieved remarkable success despite his difficulties in school; he graduated from Harvard with honors and went on to become a professor and education leader.

Soji has authored multiple books and articles, as well as serving as consultant on the development of a strategic plan for Northeast Nigeria’s revitalization.

Professional Career

Soji John is renowned in MMA as a tough and courageous fighter, even with a losing record. His courage and will to win have inspired many fans to rally behind him. At 5’8″, the middleweight is not only an incredible athlete but also an incredibly hardworking individual who never lets anything stand in his way.

His professional career began with a number of smaller organizations, before he joined Pride and became an official member. He participated in the inaugural Pride open weight Grand Prix in 2000 and remained an important figure until 2007.

Soji Adelaja, better known by his nickname “Soji”, is a Professor at Michigan State University and holds the John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor in Land Policy title as well as being one of the founding Directors of the Michigan Higher Education Land Policy Consortium. For over two decades he has been an influential scholar in land policy research, outreach efforts and engagement related to place strategy initiatives and economic revitalization efforts throughout Michigan State University’s campus.

Achievements and Honors

Soji served as Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources (as well as Executive Director of the New Jersey Experiment Station) during his tenure at Rutgers. He spearheaded some groundbreaking research and policy initiatives that had an immense effect on the state’s economy, particularly through land policy work and green economy development.

Soji is a highly respected economist who has received numerous honors and awards throughout his career. He was awarded the Distinguished Faculty award from Michigan State University, the Presidential Award for Distinguished Public Service, as well as an Emeritus Executive Dean title at Rutgers. Additionally, New Jersey recognized him for his contributions to improving its economic well-being through an Emeritus Executive Dean title.

Personal Life

Soji John is an intellectual property attorney and currently serves as Director of Technology and Licensing for Western Digital Corporation. In this role, he manages inbound and outbound patent licensing negotiations, assists with patent prosecution and litigation counsel efforts, supports business unit development of IP strategy, aligning patent prosecution/acquisition strategies with WDC’s business goals. Prior to joining WDC, Soji served as a patent litigator at Jones Day where he prosecuted several patent applications while also helping reexamine other patents.

Soji John is married to Ginny and they have a son named Fielding. They reside in Los Angeles, California with their dog Gonker as well. All three children were named after characters from the show. Soji and Ginny are passionate about feminism as well as protecting nature – they even named their puppies after characters!

Net Worth

Soji John is a music producer and bass guitarist with an estimated net worth of $10 million. He’s best known for his collaboration with Bon Jovi, where he was part of their rock band from 1983 to 1994 and contributed to several hits like Slippery When Wet, New Jersey, among others. Additionally, Soji worked as freelance singer/songwriter while owning his own motorcycle shop in New York City. Nowadays Soji lives with his family in New York City while working as both musician and entrepreneur.

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