Starbucks Cauliflower Milk April Fools

Starbucks Introduces Cauliflower Milk on April Fools Day

Starbucks has announced a new cauliflower milk option that does not cost an extra charge for dairy-free consumers. The chain rolled out the new barista-style milk in frothy lattes and creamy cold brews, as well as its newest Gigante size (99 ounces).

Cauliflower milk is a first step towards the coffee giant’s sustainability goals. The addition of dairy-free alternatives will help the company achieve its goal to be a “resource-positive” business by 2030, which entails a greater focus on plant-based foods.

The chain’s new cauliflower milk is made from a blend of almonds and cauliflowers, with the almonds providing the creaminess and the cauliflowers adding flavor. The result is a dairy-free milk that can be steamed and foamed like traditional non-dairy milks but does not have the sulfurous taste and bitterness often associated with vegetable milk.

In addition to introducing cauliflower milk, Starbucks is also hosting a series of “cauliflower caucuses” where customers and baristas will be testing new vegan menu items. These include the cau-ssant (a cauliflower croissant), cauliflower sandwiches (cauliflower steaks between two slices of raw cauliflower), and cauliflower cake pops.

While this is just a April Fools’ Day prank, it does make sense for Starbucks to consider this as a way to address the many requests from customers who want plant-based milk options without paying an upcharge. Currently, Starbucks charges an extra upcharge for all alternative milks, which can be especially difficult for lactose-intolerant and vegan shoppers.

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