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Starmetal Tools in Elder Scrolls Online

Players can upgrade their tools in The Elder Scrolls Online with the Starmetal tools. These tools increase the speed at which players can gather items by 400 percent. These tools are especially useful for players without Orichalcum tools. Furthermore, these tools increase your chance to find rare materials.

Starmetal tools can be made at tier four workshops if players have a level 100 Engineering skill. These tools can also purchased from the settlement trading point. These tools can be used to make various types of items and can be used to craft weapons and other items. There are two ways to obtain the resources necessary to craft them. The first is to mine Starmetal ores using a tier four pickaxe. You can also make them using a tier 4 smelter.

Another way to get Starmetal tools is to craft the ‘Starmetal Ingot’ resource. This is an advanced resource that is obtained by mining and smithing. It has the same blue glow that the Starmetal veins. Ingots can be used to craft more advanced Starmetal equipment and armor. The information on these pages may not be up-to-date as the New World Team no more covers the game.

Another option is to craft a Starmetal Mining Pickaxe. The mining pickaxe can be crafted in a workshop in any settlement. This tool has a high gear score of 400-500 and occupies 4.5 kg of inventory space. It can be upgraded with the Mining trade skill. This tool is extremely useful for mining.

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