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Who is Stephanie Sibounheuang?

Steph Sibounheuang is an American fashion designer, model, and entrepreneur who runs Yi Minx Label clothing collection for women that produces dresses and bodysuits.

She maintains an active e-commerce platform where she sells Cupcake Mafia and Cake Cosmetic products to fans worldwide, her Instagram following being close to 700,000. Angel Energy Tips provides health, wellness and cooking tips.

Early Life and Education

Steph Sibounheuang is an accomplished multi-talent with impressive vocal abilities, piano/guitar skills and dance moves. Fluency in English as well as Lao, her parents’ native language has enabled her to connect with a wide array of audiences.

Yi Minx, an influential presence on social media, launched her fashion line in 2012. Additionally, she has worked as an influencer for brands like Cake Cosmetics and Cupcake Mafia.

PnB Rock (real name Rakim Hasheem Allen), whom she had a daughter with, became her long-term partner, with whom they produced daughter Xuri Li. Because of her dedication and unique journey, she became an inspiration to both artists and entrepreneurs alike; while her multicultural background and charitable contributions contributed further to her fame.

Professional Career

As an influencer, Stephanie has established an impressive fan base across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Her engaging content has enabled her to secure various brand partnerships which has greatly increased her revenue stream.

Her acting career started off modestly, in a television series, but soon gained more significant roles due to casting directors taking notice of her performance. Since then, her work in various genres has garnered critical acclaim and established her as an authority within them both critically and popularly.

Steph is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of Yi Minx skincare line, having released music herself and actively supporting charitable initiatives. Prior to PnB Rock’s death in a shooting incident at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in Los Angeles on September 12, they shared daughter Milan and son Xuri together.

Achievement and Honors

Stephanie Sibounheuang is renowned as a fashion influencer. With an expansive social media following and numerous show appearances under her belt, Stephanie sets fashion trends among her peers.

She is also a successful entrepreneur, having created her clothing line, Yi Minx. Her Instagram presence allows her to promote brands such as Cupcake Mafia and Cake Cosmetics; furthermore she operates an online store selling candles and stationery items under Angel Energy.

Her diverse background, philanthropic efforts and entrepreneurial drive make her an inspiration to many. She plans on using her platform to promote inclusivity and cultural celebration. Furthermore, she serves as an inspiring role model for young people by encouraging them to embrace their multicultural identities.

Personal Life

She is an entrepreneur and fashion designer as well as social media influencer, known for her popular clothing brand Yi Minx that specializes in bodysuits and dresses.

Sibounheuang ventured into business when she co-founded a skincare line focused on natural and eco-friendly products. Trained in martial arts, her expertise adds authenticity to her action-packed roles.

Sibounheuang was in a relationship with rapper PnB Rock and together they welcomed daughter Xuri in 2020. Unfortunately, however, things did not go smoothly between them at first and some difficulty surfaced between them over time; eventually however PnB Rock passed away after suffering gunshot wounds at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles on 12 September 2022 – Sibounheuang was present when PnB died from this gunshot wound on 12 September 2022.

Net Worth

Steph Sibounheuang is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, model, and force to be reckoned with. Her clothing line Angel Energy enjoys widespread social media following and offers dresses, swimwear, jumpsuits and girly young lady sets at cost-effective prices.

Yi Minx launched in 2012 and quickly gained notoriety for its dresses and bodysuits. She has also worked as a brand influencer for different companies like Cupcake Mafia and Cake Cosmetics.

Prior to his death, she was engaged to rapper PnB Rock and they shared one daughter together, Xuri Rock. PnB was overjoyed when their child arrived, sharing pictures on Twitter as soon as she arrived home from hospital. Both parties enjoyed a wonderful relationship and greatly respected each other.

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