Stephen Kozicki

Stephen Kozicki, Judge of the Cook County Circuit Court 12th Subcircuit

Stephen Kozicki is an award-winning author, business educator and Australia’s foremost expert on breakthrough business strategies. His results-focused workshops transform key issues from across a broad spectrum of business development topics into actionable tools which can be immediately put into use in your business.

Steven A. Kozicki (Republican) serves as Judge in the 12th Subcircuit of Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois and was elected during the 2022 Judicial Retention Election.

Early Life and Education

Judge Kozicki hails from Prospect Heights, Illinois and attended St. Alphonsus Liguori Parish and Saint Viator High School before graduating with his Bachelor of Arts degree from Regis College and receiving his law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

Kozicki currently serves as a judge on the 12th Subcircuit Court for Cook County Circuit Court, elected to fill a vacancy back in 2016. Additionally, he holds an Illinois law license to practice law.

He has amassed an enormous following on Patreon, hosting Live From Home shows for his patrons at certain tiers. For their contributions they receive handwritten thank-you notes from him personally as well as exclusive merchandise and VIP tickets to shows – click below for details and join his patreon account free of charge!

Professional Career

Kozicki was first elected to the 12th Subcircuit on November 8, 2016, and successfully won reelection two years later in 2022.

Stephen is a best-selling author, business educator, and Australia’s foremost specialist in breakthrough business strategies. His results-focused workshops are presented to executives and managers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe – his workshops focus on key issues from different business development topics that can be immediately implemented into businesses.

He and his wife Patty reside in Prospect Heights where they have raised three children, the oldest being Daniel who currently serves in the Navy while completing his residency at Walter Reed Combined Forces Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Personal Life

Kozicki and Patty have three children together and belong to St. Alphonsus Liguori Parish in Prospect Heights. Additionally, he serves as an impartial judge on the 12th Subcircuit Court for Cook County Circuit Court.

He has written several international best selling books on business negotiation, such as “The Creative Negotiator” and “Persuading for Results”, that explore key aspects of negotiation.

He was recently featured on Avy Meyers’ North Town News Magazine program and can be viewed online via video interview. He was an incredible supporter of Avy and its mission, while becoming dear friends to everyone on set. A true gentleman, he will be greatly missed. According to an obituary published in Chicago Tribune he was known as a “devoted husband, father and grandfather”. Additionally he lived his entire life in Oak Lawn as an active member of St Catherine of Alexandria Church.

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