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Steve Earlen Arneson

Steve works at Arenson Dittmar & Karban as an Employment & Labor: Employee consultant. With an array of legal experience – spanning class actions as well as individual claims litigation – his client services span all aspects of employment law.

The settlement will provide compensation to workers who endured difficult working conditions at car washes in New York City; on average, these employees will receive $91,000 each as compensation.

Early Life and Education

Steve Earlen Arneson was born and raised in Decorah, Iowa. His parents are Bert and Earlen Arneson; in 1979, he married Linda Schmitt and had three daughters: Kelly, Heather and Megan. Steve loved camping and canoeing and will be dearly missed by many people who knew and loved him.

He lectured extensively on labor law issues and was an adjunct professor of law at New York University School of Law. Additionally, he was involved with many community affairs and charitable organizations.

He is widely respected in his expertise of Radiology Information Systems, Picture Archival and Communication Systems (PACS), workload/financial issues in radiology practice, academic radiology’s future prospects and research training programs.

Professional Career

Steve leads a team of talented professionals responsible for insurance industry technology and larger, more complex accounts at his firm. Additionally, he serves on various national committees and has spoken at insurance conferences.

Arenson Dittmar & Karban in New York City. As a leading employment law attorney he has achieved considerable success representing companies facing class action or multiplaintiff lawsuits related to hostile work environment issues.

He successfully opposed the motion to compel arbitration in a defamation case brought by a former employee for falsely alleging they had AIDS and were engaging in sexual relationships with men. Furthermore, he has earned victories on behalf of clients being sued for noncompete and trade secret violations.

Achievement and Honors

Aronson has earned numerous acclaims and honors during his distinguished career, such as receiving the Champions of Metrology award at Japan’s 7th ND Marketing award, the Duncan Davies Memorial medal from Research and Development Society and General Pierre Nicolau award from International Academy for Production Engineering.

He is a longtime member of the Society of Precision Engineers and serves on several of its committees. His technical interests lie in precision machine design, diamond turning and ultra-precision dimensional measurement; additionally he is also renowned author and lecturer.

Personal: He has donated generously to UR, founding the Aronson Family Scholarship in honor of his mother. In addition, he serves on its Board of Trustees and Executive Advisory Council of Robins School of Business Executive Advisory Council.

Personal Life

He is currently on the Board of Trustees at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Boston and actively involved in numerous other volunteer and civic organizations. Additionally, he frequently lectures and presents on insurance industry related matters.

Recently, Arenson Dittmar served as lead counsel to 23 Hispanic employees alleging sexually and racially hostile work environments as well as retaliation. They successfully litigated this matter before a federal court judge and attained an advantageous pre-trial resolution.

He currently resides in Rosholt with his wife Sue and their three children Haylee, Allison, and Jim. On weekends he can be found relaxing at their lake house on Little Green and spoiling his grandchildren – not forgetting purchasing and driving old cars! Additionally he is a member of both Waupun Masonic Lodge as well as Temple Beth Israel in Fond du Lac.

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