Steve Armbruster

Steve Armbruster

Steve Armbruster is an attorney practicing law in Nebraska. He received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with honors, graduating with high distinction.

Armbruster family’s goal is to produce long-living cows. Their goal is to maintain an optimal herd with great functional type and superior udders.

Early Life and Education

Steve Armbruster grew up on a wheat and cattle operation near Hardtner, Kansas. He graduated with a B.S. in agricultural economics from Oklahoma State University before going on to obtain an M.S. in animal science as well.

Mr. Totusek was also an active member of OSU Department of Animal and Food Sciences and its advisory boards, while also belonging to its alumni association and receiving its Totusek Lectureship award in 1999.

On April 18, 2007, Armbruster joined a group of Repent America protesters at Kutztown University’s outdoor location to stage a peaceful demonstration against homosexuality and abortion. Both Chief Mioskie and President Cevallos attempted to ask them to leave campus, but the demonstration persisted regardless. Armbruster then led it from there.

Professional Career

His professional experience spans multiple industries including banking, insurance and advertising. Working alongside clients he has assisted them in crafting bold yet long-lasting aspirations statements, building conviction for change strategies, designing multiyear transformation processes and setting up strong execution engines.

After several advertising agencies in Lincoln and Hastings, he settled at RCG Advertising in Omaha. Since then he has created purposeful and memorable branding strategies for clients such as Duet, Elevate Roofing, Modus Coworking.

The district court rejected the Armbruster Group’s argument that several documents from Unisys, containing age notations, birth dates and hire dates as evidence of overt discriminatory animus sufficient to trigger Price Waterhouse. They considered this point first with regard to Haslam’s letter from September 30, 1990 sent to Gagliardi and Donlon regarding need to transfer or RIF thirteen individuals including Armbruster Group members Yanan and Kinard.

Achievement and Honors

Armbruster helped Noonan become an educational institution renowned for its challenging yet supportive curriculum, teaching students to become leaders both personally and within their communities.

Armbruster has provided invaluable mentorship to numerous undergraduate and graduate cattle feeding management trainees through ride alongs, as well as young nutritionists through advisory boards. Troy Sander of Heritage Beef LLC in Dalhart Texas credits Armbruster as having greatly shaped his career path as an operations manager.

Armbruster held the position of Chief Information Officer during his time with Steelcase, overseeing both their global IT organization as well as leading their innovation management office.

Personal Life

Many who knew Armbruster describe him as an indefatigable worker and industry pioneer. He mentored numerous undergraduate and graduate students through job shadowing ‘ride alongs,’ served on advisory boards and taught numerous young cattle feeding company nutritionists through his consulting work.

Even amid his many adventures and entrepreneurial endeavours, he never lost sight of his family; he is survived by his wife, two sons, and daughter.

Armbruster purchased residential property in Round Rock, Texas using financing provided by New Century Mortgage Corporation and Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, who later assigned their servicing rights to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company at foreclosure sale where Armbruster had his note sold at foreclosure sale; ultimately this led to litigation by Deutsche Bank against Armbruster for breach of contract.

Net Worth

Armbruster has not only had an outstanding career in the feedlot industry, but has also served as an invaluable mentor for undergraduate and graduate students through job shadowing ‘ride alongs.’ Additionally, he served on multiple advisory boards. Troy Sander of Heritage Beef feedlot in Dalhart Texas credits Armbruster with being instrumental in his own professional growth.

Sara Armbruster serves as President and CEO of Steelcase Inc, which designs and manufactures workplace products. As an experienced executive with expertise in strategy, innovation, and new business development.

Renee Armbruster is a highly trusted fiduciary and attorney in Southwest Florida who works with high net worth families to customize their estate plans and avoid family conflict. For more information about her firm, The Armbruster Group. Please visit its website.

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