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Steve Auth on Wall Street

Steve Auth is an esteemed writer and social entrepreneur. His contributions can be found in publications like American History magazine, Politico, and the Boston Globe.

Auth and his wife have long given tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of their apostolic efforts in New York City streets, asking strangers if they are Catholic.

Early Life and Education

Steve and Evelyn are members of Regnum Christi movement and have conducted street missions in both New York City and Mexico. Together they have two sons Richard and Michael as well as being actively involved with Catholic World Mission charity. Additionally, they conduct spiritual tours at Metropolitan Museum of Art called Man’s Search for God in Art which provided inspiration for this book.

Stephen Auth may come as a shock, as an investment executive on Wall Street who regularly appears on cable-news investment shows such as CNBC and Fox Business News as the Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for Federated Securities Equities–is also an unassuming missionary, seeking to bring back Catholics who have fallen away one soul at a time to faith through Pilgrimage to the Museum, his memoir of this extraordinary part of his life.

Professional Career

Steve Auth is a popular expert commentator on CNBC and Fox Business News, where he often appears as a regular panel member. A longstanding member of both Economic Club of New York and New York Society of Security Analysts, as well as frequent guest on Bloomberg TV and contributor to Barron’s magazine.

Day-to-day, he serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for Federated Hermes Global Equities. A Princeton University alum, he received his master’s degree at Harvard Business School as both a Baker Scholar and Loeb Rhodes Fellow.

He maintains an active pro bono practice and regularly submits amicus curiae briefs in support of civil justice causes. Richard and Michael reside with Evelyn in New York City.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Auth has been active on Wall Street since 1980 and can often be found featured as an expert guest on CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV and Barron’s investment outlook panel. CFA Charterholder, and serving as executive vice president and chief investment officer at Federated Hermes Investments. His primary responsibilities involve overseeing equity portfolios. Furthermore, he has written many articles for Barron’s and various financial publications. He is a member of both the Economic Club of New York and The New York Society of Security Analysts, with an undergraduate degree from Princeton University where he graduated with honors. Together with his wife Evelyn he lives in New York and they have two sons. Both Evelyn and he are active with Regnum Christi movement leading a spiritual tour at Metropolitan Museum of Art every Friday evening.

Personal Life

Steve and Evelyn are actively involved in their Regnum Christi vocation. They serve on the boards of Divine Mercy University and Catholic World Mission; have led street missions in New York City for more than ten years; serve on Lumen Institute’s Advisory Council; are involved with their local church; as well as being members of Regnum Christi themselves.

No one should be surprised that Steve is a popular guest on cable news investment shows; after all, he manages over $60 billion for Federated Investors (and previously Prudential). What may surprise you is that in his free time he serves as a Catholic missionary on Manhattan streets to bring back former members back into faith. Steve graduated Princeton with honors and holds both CFA charterholder and MBA certificates.

Net Worth

Steve Auth is an Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Federated Global Equities on Wall Street. A frequent guest on CNBC and Fox Business News, and member of both New York Society of Security Analysts as well as Lumen Institute (a Regnum Christi affiliate). Additionally, for over ten years Steve and Evelyn Auth have run an on-going mission for Regnum Christi on New York City streets; both parents of two beautiful children. Steve graduated Princeton University with honors before going on to Harvard Business School with distinction before graduating summa cum laude while Harvard Business School with high distinction before becoming chartered Financial Analysts both living together in New York City!

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