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Dollar General Government Affairs Director Steve Brophy

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Brophy graduated from both Carleton University and the University of Alberta Law School. While in law school, he participated in student legal services that offered assistance to people on limited incomes with summary conviction proceedings.

Early Life and Education

Brophy has held several roles during his two decades in Washington: spokesman for two senators and chief of staff of one congressman; presidential commission research staff member; research staff of defense think tank; chief of staff of an international trade embassy, among others. When not working he enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with his three dogs.

Coach Hann has earned both his undergraduate degree in planning/economics and master of business administration from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Since joining Brophy for over 20 years ago, he has coached in all levels of the basketball program.

As part of his effort to balance work and personal life, he dedicates one night each week for himself. Together with his wife, they go out for dinner or drinks without their phones and computers in hand.

Professional Career

Steve Brophy’s commitment to running extends far beyond C&C; he supports various charities through running marathons such as London’s for Claire House Children’s Hospice. When not training or supporting charities, Steve enjoys outdoor activities with his wife and three dogs in his free time.

He works in human resources as well, where his responsibilities include cultivating the company culture and employee retention. With an impressive track record of success he recently was nominated as Rising Star at CEDA awards.

Brophy’s four-year varsity player combined powerful scoring ability and keen court vision into his stellar performance for the team during his time there. Perhaps one of his most iconic plays was hitting a 35-foot three-pointer at the buzzer to defeat Boulder Creek in 2023 state semifinal play; an event now known as The Madi Miracle.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Brophy, CEO of Aztec Land and Cattle Company in Arizona, boasts an extensive array of professional commendations and credentials earned during his long career in private security, law enforcement, protective services and protective operations. His services have been sought out by foreign dignitaries, major corporations and celebrities.

He has provided services to U.S. presidential and secret service protection details as well as offering his expertise to local community projects and advocacy. Furthermore, he is well known as both an advocate and businessman with an impressive resume of accomplishments and successes.

He loves spending his free time with family and is a diehard sports fan, participating in numerous fundraising activities such as charity golf tournaments. Additionally, he takes great pleasure in studying the arts as well as reading.

Personal Life

Steve Brophy is president and CEO of Aztec Land and Cattle Company – one of Arizona’s largest landowners – an advocate and businessman with an interest in Arizona’s economy who also happens to be an experienced public speaker.

Steve Broxy (Stephen Jeremiah Brophy) recently filed personal financial disclosures with LegiStorm Pro subscribers can view an overview of those disclosures.

Steve Brophy was born September 5, 1959 in Niskayuna, New York and survived by his daughter Kris and eleven nieces and nephews. A dedicated family man, Steve believed there are far more good people than bad in society and appreciated small business’s strength as an instrument of positive change. All who knew Steve will miss him greatly.

Net Worth

Brophy has extensive knowledge of government affairs. His experience includes serving as staff for two Senators, chief of staff to one Congressman and on a Presidential commission – giving him invaluable insight into Washington politics that made him the perfect fit as Dollar General’s government affairs director.

He conducted an assessment of Nancy’s financial situation and loss of household services after Dan died, and estimated their total cost would have been approximately $565,000.

Brophy’s onscreen persona was defined by his Brooklyn accented streetwise demeanor and his presence was seen in four more Buster Keaton films as either comic foils, loyal boxing manager in The Champ or circus proprietor in Freaks.

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