Steve Clouse

Steve Clouse – Texas State Representative From Boerne

Clouse, with his mustachioed encyclopedia like mustache and beard, can quickly explain any aspect of SAWS and the city’s complex water system. He takes great pride in tapping every major lake, river and aquifer within its reach – beyond Edwards Aquifer!

Clouse announced his intention to run again for House Budget Committee Chairman but said that, should he win again, that would likely be his last term in that position. Since 1994 he has served in this capacity.

Early Life and Education

Clouse spent his formative years living on a military base before marrying Geri and settling down in Boerne where they still reside on property he purchased near his parents’ residences. With son and daughter in tow, their interests include fixing ranch roads, riding dirt bikes, and raising chickens for eggs production.

His family includes three nieces and four nephews in Alabama House District 93 as well as great-nieces, great-nephews, and cousins; in addition to these connections. As an active member of his church and board member for both Ozark Rotary Club and Boys & Girls Club of Ozark; as a certified domestic relations mediator. Since 1994 he has represented District 93. Additionally he serves his church and serves on boards like Ozark Rotary Club and Boys & Girls Club of Ozark; plus represents Alabama House District 93 since 1994 representing District 93.

Professional Career

Clouse has been with SAWS for 33 years, starting as a sample man in their wastewater lab and seeing it grow into an expansive operation with 12,000 miles of mains and three treatment plants.

Negotiation skills have proven indispensable when dealing with private water suppliers, while his technical abilities assist with incorporating new sources such as Vista Ridge. He hails SAWS’ conservation department as one of the finest in the nation; proud that San Antonio Water and Waste Services (SAWS) has achieved such an equilibrium between providing adequate supplies while remaining cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Clouse and his wife Geri reside in Boerne on property they purchased near their parents’ property, often camping at national parks and other destinations around the United States.

Achievement and Honors

Clouse was an avid photographer and loved taking his family hiking adventures through Colorado’s majestic mountain peaks. An avid sportsman, he enjoyed skiing and tennis – coaching his son in hockey as well. Additionally, he loved traveling and took an unforgettable trip with them all to Hawaii!

He leaves behind his beloved wife, Kate Lupton Clouse of Loveland; their children Maximilian Winn-Clouse and Madeleine Winn-Clouse; stepson Kelsey Wray from Fort Collins; brothers Terry Clouse and David Clouse as well as numerous nieces, nephews, lifelong friends. Doris and Elmer Clouse predeceased him.

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Personal Life

Clouse lived in Boerne with his wife Geri, a parenting counselor. There, they raised their two children – son and daughter respectively – as well as spending their free time repairing ranch roads, riding dirt bikes, keeping chickens, gardening together and keeping chickens.

Clouse was always there as a soothing voice during often heated public meetings about SAWS’ water and wastewater system, now stretching over 12,000 miles with three plants and 10 sources of drinking water. He had an uncanny knack for explaining complex topics to nontechnical audiences like laypersons with ease.

Attentive to his two children from Diane, he attended all games and events attended with them, having developed strong bonds with Kelsey Wray (his stepdaughter) and Kassidy Wray (Kelsey’s sister). Clark Lupton and Nancy Lupton also provided significant support.

Net Worth

Clouse has amassed an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million as of 2023 and currently serves in Alabama’s state legislature as representative for District 93rd (Dale and Houston counties) as part of his mandate dating back to 1994.

Clouse and his wife Geri still reside on property near Boerne where they spend their free time repairing ranch roads, riding dirt bikes, and caring for animals. Together they have two children; a daughter and son.

He says he is uncertain of his next move after leaving SAWS, but hopes to remain engaged in public service. His colleagues and SAWS board members have described him as being like an encyclopedia with all his knowledge – even during a December meeting they praised him and gave their final address he choked up slightly as giving it.

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