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Artist Profile – Steve Curl

Steve Curl is an award-winning watercolor painter who teaches classes at the Pacific Art League of Palo Alto and enjoys a large following among students. Additionally, he conducts on-location painting classes through Yosemite Conservancy’s Art & Nature Program.

Caricatures created live at parties, corporate events or wedding receptions.

Early Life and Education

Curl was raised in Concord, Massachusetts and attended Fenn School before attending Denison University in Granville, Ohio for further studies before eventually joining The Second City comedy troupe.

David M. Bristow is an award-winning fine artist, cartoonist and watercolor painter specializing in landscapes of Yosemite National Park. He teaches at Pacific Art League in Palo Alto with an established student base; furthermore, he offers painting workshops through Yosemite Conservancy.

He shares his home with two Manx cats who do not pay much attention to his collection of robot pieces. Aluminum makes for easy bending, pounding, glueing and scratching; plus its lightweight nature allows him to take his pieces to art shows where they sell well.

Professional Career

Steve Curl is a professional caricature artist who offers his services for corporate events, wedding receptions and birthday celebrations. In addition, he provides on-the-spot cartoon drawing which people love as entertainment.

He is a member of Heartwood Cooperative Woodshop in Berkeley, California and an expert on work cooperatives; contributing his knowledge towards writing the History of Work Cooperation in America book series. Furthermore, he is both an author and poet.

Professor at Rice University and recipient of a Nobel Prize, his work on carbon “buckyballs” led to significant advances in materials research while his numerous accomplishments earned him awards and acknowledgement from around the globe.

Achievement and Honors

Steve is widely recognized as a premier authority on developing web-based data systems and providing unprecedented access to distributed NOAA environmental information. Under his direction and engineering development, New Millennium Observatory Network Interactive Sea Floor Sampling System and NOAA Arctic Research Program Interagency Collaboration to study environmental change have both seen successful deployment.

Steve is also an award-winning watercolor painter. His student following is large at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto and he teaches one week per year in Yosemite for the Conservancy’s Artist-in-Residence Program. When painting magnificent locations he hikes out and records visual impressions with water, mineral pigments, natural fiber paper, and sable brushes before producing emotionally compelling paintings that showcase exquisite details.

Personal Life

Personality Traits: He lives with two Manx cats that ignore various robot sculptures in his home, as well as two doggos who make frequent appearances to visit these robots and decorate the home with other robots. Professionally, he provides live caricature sketches at parties, wedding receptions, corporate events and other social gatherings as a personalized and appreciated present for guests – providing people with personalized caricature drawings is a popular and unique form of entertainment!

Curl is also well known as a watercolor painter and instructor at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto where he teaches to an enthusiastic group of students. Additionally, Curl offers on-location painting classes at Yosemite National Park Conservancy’s Art & Nature Program.

He prefers working with aluminum, as its malleability makes it ideal for shaping into any desired form and weight reduction make it more cost-effective than bronze. He keeps an array of aluminum pieces stored away in his basement that appears chaotic but in reality serves as his “library.”

Net Worth

Steve Curl is an award-winning artist and instructor of watercolor painting at Pacific Art League in Palo Alto, California and Yosemite National Park, while also serving as artist-in-residence at Zion National Park.

His work is inspired by nature and travels. A passionate Harley Davidson enthusiast, he enjoys spending time outdoors. Additionally, he’s a dedicated dog owner.

He trains six days per week with high-rep, low-volume exercises designed to build serious mass. Furthermore, his relationships with his wife and three children remain strong.

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