Steve Darrow

Steve Darrow – A Valuable Member of the De Boer, Baumann & Company Team

Steve is an invaluable member of De Boer, Baumann & Company’s team and boasts extensive corporate, tax and restaurant accounting experience.

He has an array of musical interests, spanning country music to Cajun music and world fusion. Additionally, he has made appearances on various television programs like American Bandstand and Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In show.

Early Life and Education

Darrow hails from Sioux Falls, South Dakota but was raised in California’s Claremont suburb listening to Ritchie Valens and the Everly Brothers on the radio. He studied art at Sweet Briar College before undertaking both east-west and north-south bicycle journeys across America.

He is a private practice therapist with experience helping individuals navigate the complexities of addiction, parenting, marriage and codependency. Additionally, he enjoys horse camping and vintage cars as hobbies.

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Professional Career

Darrow is a licensed clinical social worker who provides therapy services for individuals, couples and families. Additionally, he operates a program to assist young people who struggle with substance abuse issues as well as serving on the board of directors for the New Hampshire Dairy Farmers Federation.

He advocates for simple personal finance methods and has written books on this subject. Additionally, he’s an avid hiker with dreams of hiking the Colorado Trail – an epic 2,700 mile-long path through New Hampshire mountains – someday.

He was the bassist for Hollywood Rose, an early precursor of Guns N’ Roses. Alongside Izzy Stradlin he would frequently cycle in and out, leaving their mark on music together. Additionally, he appeared as Rafael Castillo on TV show Santa Barbara.

Achievement and Honors

He created works in various media such as woodcuts, prints and paintings; published books; performed plays such as “Othello”; and was the founder of Nosotros – an organization dedicated to casting Hispanic actors into less stereotypical roles.

At Balboa Yacht Club he moored his Cal 30 sailboat The Gleam and practiced yoga. Additionally he was an ardent Tibetan Buddhist who also practiced yoga.

Jay Darrow shared that during the awards night presentation that his father helped train many state youth champions who later moved on to high school competition. Jay also thanked his dad for keeping Edgemont high school wrestling alive even though it no longer had district approval.

Personal Life

Chris is also the proud father of Chris, Joan, Elizabeth and Eric who all work as artists like their father. In addition, Chris serves on the Board of Directors of Mascoma Valley Health Initiative which works to make healthcare more accessible for area residents.

He has worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, treating adolescents and adults for alcohol and drug addictions. Additionally, he operates the Target Relapse Prevention Program while offering therapy on an individual, couple and family level.

John volunteers his time and talents to several organizations, such as Reach for Recovery – a non-profit that assists people recovering from substance abuse issues – in his spare time he enjoys horse camping in Colorado mountains as well as racing vintage cars.

Net Worth

Steve Darrow is best-known for his work on the television show Billions. This series follows the legal disputes of US Attorney Preet Bharara and hedge fund manager Steve Cohen of SAC Capital Advisers.

Darrow also made appearances in the film Analyze This and was a regular on The Sopranos, founded the organization Nosotros to assist Hispanic actors find roles that do not stereotype.

Darrow is an avid outdoorsman and enthusiast. He enjoys horse camping, scuba diving, vintage car collecting and hill climbing – as well as bird and fox hunting in winter and ranching during summer. His personal goal is to complete his boyhood dream of hiking the Colorado Trail while advocating living within one’s means and being frugal.

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